Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Super Sad Cone Dog

Verge has been in Oakland for the past two days on a whirlwind install!

When I say Verge I'm referring to our entire staff of 2 plus an intern a day and the work of about 16 of our now 30+ resident artists. The show is at Classic Cars West, a vintage car showroom by day/art gallery and beer garden by night. The opening is this Friday, August 3, from 6-10pm and I'm really excited about it! There will be 2 receptions, first this Friday and then the first Friday in September. The show will be open every Saturday through both months from 2-dusk as well. 

If you've never been to Oakland's Art Murmur I highly recommend it. It's like Sacramento's Saturday but in a bumpier neighborhood, with WAY more attendees, street food, bars, late night film projections, bands, and all of the other sorts of things you'd expect to make an event vital. I'm pretty inspired both by the transformation it's provided to the area it's in and also to the city for supporting it and letting it develop. Hint, hint, hint, Sacramento. 

The above wall was a real turning point yesterday. One of the hardest to install and once it was done it was all downhill from there. You can't totally tell from the photo but the wall has a curve at the bottom for photography so finding the center line was a challenge. Fortunately, Rebecca Kerlin, the space's curator gave us a great technique for overcoming the wall's challenges.

Sue placing.

Sebastian measuring. The more shows I hang out of town the more I realize I'm not an enormous fan of hanging shows. It's like moving (which naturally sucks) coupled with a lot of tedious measurements and math. Fortunately I had good helpers!

The area around the gallery is a culinary wonderland. This is MUA, where we had dinner the first night. It was FANTASTIC, great drink menu, super yummy inexpensive food, a decent art book library for thumbing through while waiting for your food - which might of a been a bit gimicky but I don't give a crap, they had a few books that I've been too cheap to buy so it was a win, win - and a great interior, if this place was in Sac I'd be there all the time, etc. etc.

My buddies Lynn and Johnny put us up in style!!! As I write this I realize what an odd choice this image is but if you saw their outstanding array of well quake-waxed knick-knacks you'd understand. Maybe I was thinking JB and LP go together like opium and pure nicotine.... 

We got back to Verge last night to this!!!! More progress!!!!! Another 4 studios are being framed in the east mezzanine! All this recent activity seems unreal! I suppose I only waited 2+ years for it.

Then I got home to this... Super sad cone dog.

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