Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Super cool kid

A post about everything! 

Beginning with Ai Wei Wei.... Last Friday's screening was fantastic. Everyone who came out of the screening had glowing reviews. I haven't seen a documentary that good in a long time. If you have a chance, get down to the Crest and see it before it's gone Thursday!

Summer's almost over.... I'm gonna have to get a lot more of this in before it's gone... OMF and I took his surfboard to Sutter's Landing last week which was super fun minus the chaffing on my bare legs from surf wax and sand and the epic wedgie my Betty Grable swimsuit afforded.

The assault on Casa d' Foster-Moe continues. I'm finding hella stuff for the Verge rummage sale including a bunch of books. This is an image from "The Writer's Desk." Check out Terry Southern, enjoying a cocktail amidst one of the dirtiest, corniest, and most quasi-unreadable novels ever. He did write "The Magic Christian" though so I suppose all is forgiven.

In addition to Wei Wei the weekend brought a lovely party at Quinta Luz and a fond farewell for Renny. His absence in this region is a tremendous loss. At least Oakland isn't that far away.

Sunday I went to a dinner at Feeding Crane Farm. It was delish. So much so that I ate too much and drank to much, and felt like a very classy lady when indigestion woke me up multiple, multiple times throughout the night. My fault tho', definitely not the cuisine.

When we left we were invited to take home veggies. The above is a variation on a Jeff Smith zucchini pasta dish that I've made twice now since I saw this clip. This time out I added some chopped black krims and infused a bonkers hot mystery pepper I picked up at the farm in the olive oil. Tossed with homemade pasta it was thee bees knees.

I haven't watched the Frugal Gourmet since I was a kid, although I LOVED it back then. Microwave popcorn and an afternoon with PBS cooking shows was my jam around 9-11 years old, cuz you know, I was a super cool kid. During the opening sequence I always marveled at what a fancy gourmet he was in the way he really contemplated his glass of wine and took his time picking out produce. Looking back this is so 80s, it's pretty rad. Also, so far his recipes hold up pretty well.

Revisiting the shows led me to look up his sex scandals in the 90s. I had already stopped watching his show by that point so I don't think I really knew what caused it to go off the air. It's odd to watch his youtube clips and not think about the allegations against him.

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