Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's really happening!!!!!!!!!!!

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Last week I decided to forego all my usual commitments, of which there are usually too many, and mop the floor. The print lab floor... You know, that same print lab we've been talking about for the past TWO YEARS. Yea, that print lab. It's finally all really happening. 

It would appear that the only intern I ever photograph is Sebastian but here he is again helping me mop the print lab floor. As he and I cleaned I kept saying 'this is so crazy, I can't believe it.' I think Sebastian thought I was crazy. Something about mopping the floor and cleaning the space made it real to me. Just typing this brings back the giddiness of last week and is helping me to realize that Verge isn't just an exhausting dream I keep yammering about all over town. It's really happening.

I can't help but think about the months without getting paid, having no heat, insane responsibility, juggling financials, negotiating with the city, etc, etc. Thinking of where we came from to get here makes it all seem even more unreal.

Andrew cleaning to get us prepared for our first inspection back in March. Hello!!!!

Rich getting a plumbing bid. One of many... 

Super glamorous plumbing hole. I sort of enjoyed having a giant pit in the middle of building for a few months. It's now full of bathroom and print lab plumbing!


Ryan framing the classroom!

More studios!!!! In addition to the print lab we now have 3 new studios and 7 new artists in residence!!! Seriously, like I said! It's happening! Come to Verge the 2nd Saturday of this month and check it out! We'll be giving tours of all this new progress and you can see Lisa Marasso's new drawings.

Verge 2nd Saturday!
August 11, 2012

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