Thursday, January 5, 2012

LA! Highlights! Lowlights!

Highlights in no particular order....

Elizabeth Higgins O'Connor's show at Charlie James.

The Bradbury Building

Cole's French Dip and their exquisite cocktails.

Finding out this sign is in fact NOT "street art" which makes me love it more!

This "dog."

Seeing Portrait of my Father hanging at the Geffen.

The California Design show at LACMA. This screen was in the show. It says it was commissioned for a state building in Sacramento by Architectural Pottery. I know I have seen it but I can't place what building it's on. Anyone? Anyone?

The Edison a steampunk's wet dream bar.

This dude

Central Market

AND The Kenneth Anger and Weegee shows at MOCA Grand!


The Eames exhibition at the A&D Museum

Redcat advertising David Hammons as part of their PST programming and then having him not there.

Finding hella bones in my sushi at Frying Fish.

Pros of riding the bus

Finding the Triforium and Angel's Flight

Getting a better sense of where I'm going in LA


Not being able to go to the pop up gallery in West Hollywood or Burger Records

Accidentally getting off the bus in one of the worst neighborhoods I've ever been in, ever..... Ever.