Monday, August 8, 2011

rrrrrrrrrrad wwwwwwwweeks

My brain is sputtering today as a result of the 60+ hour work week I pulled down last week. Today I'm kind agog in equal parts due to the rad week before me the rad week I just completed.
Robert Minervini

Amy Balkin

Aside from some VCA work stuff I'm pretty excited about Tuesday, I got King Tuff Wed(!), a smut week screening at the YBCA Thursday + Bay Area Now which includes works by Amy Balkin and Robert Minervini both of whom showed at Verge in its first location! Maybe they'll also be a little Tu-Lan... or something I dunno. Either way fun stuff!

Speaking of Tu-Lan this Chow Hound review pisses me off. Anytime a review begins with someone saying they advise people not to go somewhere having never been themselves I'm skeptical. This followed by a total show-me-what-ya-got kind of attitude negates any opinion they had about the place.

Friday the old man is on a panel at the Nelson about Nate! Dig this blurry photo of the artist lookin' thoughtful.

And then after that things get hazy. I think there's something afoot Sunday but I'm not sure.... Or maybe Saturday. My head is a swamp.

In conclusion this image is rocking my whole life!

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