Friday, August 26, 2011

Feelin' better

The Old Man pointed out the other day that I've been a crab like no other as of late and frankly, he's right. Administrating an art complex with all its politics and financial stresses are making me a crabby appleton. Worst of all I haven't been doing what led me to Verge in the first place. Making art. This afternoon has been the best. Do not disturb sign on the door, focused on crap, the world can wait. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I got contacted by someone in Lisbon in July about a show which three years ago would have caused me to poop my pants but these days I've been too preoccupied by everything else to even remember what happened. Wake up call!
I can't remember where I found 'em but this clutch of afro wigs in my studio are rockin' my world these days. As are afghans which I've been drawn to as a material for awhile now and only recently decided that destroying them a little bit is okay. Coming from the mid-west and having made my share of afghans the thought of damaging one was this taboo that seemed unconscionable until now.
I'm working this piece on out too. It's first iteration I wasn't crazy about although I never said anything about it but Biggert caught my insecurity about it of course because he would. I would love to make wee kinetic systems that would cause some butterflies to flutter and others to not.

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