Friday, August 26, 2011

Feelin' better

The Old Man pointed out the other day that I've been a crab like no other as of late and frankly, he's right. Administrating an art complex with all its politics and financial stresses are making me a crabby appleton. Worst of all I haven't been doing what led me to Verge in the first place. Making art. This afternoon has been the best. Do not disturb sign on the door, focused on crap, the world can wait. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I got contacted by someone in Lisbon in July about a show which three years ago would have caused me to poop my pants but these days I've been too preoccupied by everything else to even remember what happened. Wake up call!
I can't remember where I found 'em but this clutch of afro wigs in my studio are rockin' my world these days. As are afghans which I've been drawn to as a material for awhile now and only recently decided that destroying them a little bit is okay. Coming from the mid-west and having made my share of afghans the thought of damaging one was this taboo that seemed unconscionable until now.
I'm working this piece on out too. It's first iteration I wasn't crazy about although I never said anything about it but Biggert caught my insecurity about it of course because he would. I would love to make wee kinetic systems that would cause some butterflies to flutter and others to not.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Who's got the mud?!


Monday, August 8, 2011

rrrrrrrrrrad wwwwwwwweeks

My brain is sputtering today as a result of the 60+ hour work week I pulled down last week. Today I'm kind agog in equal parts due to the rad week before me the rad week I just completed.
Robert Minervini

Amy Balkin

Aside from some VCA work stuff I'm pretty excited about Tuesday, I got King Tuff Wed(!), a smut week screening at the YBCA Thursday + Bay Area Now which includes works by Amy Balkin and Robert Minervini both of whom showed at Verge in its first location! Maybe they'll also be a little Tu-Lan... or something I dunno. Either way fun stuff!

Speaking of Tu-Lan this Chow Hound review pisses me off. Anytime a review begins with someone saying they advise people not to go somewhere having never been themselves I'm skeptical. This followed by a total show-me-what-ya-got kind of attitude negates any opinion they had about the place.

Friday the old man is on a panel at the Nelson about Nate! Dig this blurry photo of the artist lookin' thoughtful.

And then after that things get hazy. I think there's something afoot Sunday but I'm not sure.... Or maybe Saturday. My head is a swamp.

In conclusion this image is rocking my whole life!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You TOO can look this fabulous!

Check us out! The Verge crew on a little break from slaving away on the Jumble Sale. We work so, so very hard. Like elves.
Check out our intern. Workin' hard or hardly workin'? ZING!
Verge's cutest couple takin' it easy...
Check this out! A sort of Sherlock Holmes meets I don't know who kinda look....
Watt Avenue Red steppin' out!
I'm the boss. Rowr!!!!!
Our fearless Associate Director layin' down the LAW!

But seriously folks! Come to the preview party. As you can see we're a bundle of giggles and what's more we'll feed you, drink you, play you some tunes, show you some art and sell you some RAD shit all for just $15. Where else can you be this satisfied? The answer is nowhere...

Verge Jumble Sale Preview Party
Thursday, August 4
BE THERE!!!!!!