Thursday, July 28, 2011

A storie of dreams mixed with reality

This weekend I've been asked to introduce "Dreams Money Can Buy," a surrealist film from 1947 written and directed by Hans Richter. The film is screening at the Guild Theatre through a partnership between Movies on a Big Screen and Verge!

I just finished watching the flick last night and it's really amazing.

The structure of the film follows a pretty basic narrative in which a character named Joe sets himself up as a sort of dream interpreter who holds sessions with his clients in the same manner as a psychiatrist. Much of the dialogue online about this film describes it as a marriage between art and psychiatry.

Each dream sequence is developed by a different artist of that time including Marcel Duchamp, Alexander Calder, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Fernand Leger, and Richter. It's an all star line up although only Ernst makes a cameo in the film. John Cage pops in for some soundtrack work as well and fortunately for us this will be screened with the original soundtrack!

Viewing this on the big screen will be a big treat and I'm excited to watch it in a group so if you're looking for something to do Sunday swing on by. Starts at 7:30.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Non-stop promo machine

I promise not to be that person forever. In the meantime check out this rad poster the gents at Interval Press put together for the upcoming Jumble Sale!!! Super sweet!!!

Don't forget about the preview party on August 4th... drinking, eating, listening to rad tunes and shopping a rummage sale. WIN! WIN! WIN!!!!!!!!!