Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm really excited about this....
You should be too.....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dirty Cigarettes

I have too much to do this week so in response I've spent the morning watching footage of that trainwreck of a performance Amy Winehouse gave in Belgrade, reading the trash talk about Kathleen Hanna saying she doesn't like Katy Perry (why people think that's so damning I don't know), listing shit on eBay, and carrying on with general malaise.
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In other news I've been making work! Finally!!! I don't have much in the way of pictures at the moment but will soon. In the meantime this gif cracks me up. This blanket smells like stale cigarettes and dirt.

Sunday I went to look at the river with my folks although my pop was too squeamish to go look at the water so I went alone and snapped this photo. No shore, hardly any trail, sucks....

I feel that there is too much going on this week. As much as I like to run my jaw my brain feels tired just thinking about all the conversation this week holds.....
Tonight is the Best Summer Ever party at Bows which I am most excited about!

Wed is a fundraiser for SMAC. And Thursday is an art tour sponsored by CCAS which I'm stoked on. I love looking at private art collections. Should be interesting!

I wish they had credited this image on the invite though..... I keep thinking maybe it's someone so famous we're just supposed to know who it is. Guess I'll find out Thursday....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tonight's the night!!!

I am seriously jazzed that the Verge is screening Marwencol tonight!!! I first heard about the film about a year ago when I bought one of Mark Hogancamp's books online. Ever since I've been hoping the film would come to Sac and now it not only is, BUT we're screening it with an all-star panel to follow.

Check out this line up!

Local artist and former Short Center instructor Skinner, Richard L. Nelson Gallery and UC Davis Fine Arts Collection Director Renny Pritikin, UC Davis Neuroscience Lab Manager and Verge Film Series Co-curator Becky Grunewald, and clinical psychologist and Professor of Neurology at UC Davis Dr. Kathleen Baynes.
If you've never come out to a Verge screening before now is the time. They're really chill, with tasty refreshments, free popcorn and good company.

7:30pm $7 BE THERE!!!!!!!!
Following tonight's deal the weekend proves to be a real rager!! Tomorrow night future Verge printmaking resident and Romeo Void front woman Debora Iyall is playing in Chavez Park. I'm totally excited!!!!
Also tomorrow night!!! The Sacramento French Film Festival is having it's kick off with delicious food, French wine, AND I get to ride there in this sweet ass car.
Saturday night OMF is playing the first set with his new band the Scouse Gits at the Blue Lamp and I'm excited after weeks of hearing their sweet tunes wafting outta our garage. What a sharp pack of dudes!
Sunday Tim Holt of Sutter Town News fame is speaking at Time Tested and while you're there you can check out Rebecca Crowther's fabulous window display. This is my favorite photo from the install!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh la la Sasson

OMF and I went to Mt. Diablo yesterday kind of on a whim....

It's pretty amazing with a pert near 360 view of the bay area.
In the foothills of Mt. Diablo at the base of the park is the Borges ranch which sadly was closed... There were plenty of windows to look in though revealing a tidy late 19th century abode. Surrounding the outside various family members have etched their names into the foundation wall like ol' Dan Borges here from 1942.

After peeking into various 19th century California dwellings recently I'm realizing what a great resource they are for shaping up our place. Granted ours is post 1900 but not by much although ours is totally gutted of anything original or interesting. On the plus side it means I'm not a slave to some fixture I might not care for but feel obligated to live with because it's original.

Leaving Mt. Diablo we went a searchin' for thrift stores and food two urges I can't seem to keep in check.... Both quests paid off with a stop at "the best Korean restaurant in the bay area" after scoring two pairs of new with tags Sasson jeans. Now to get 'em hemmed if I decided to keep 'em...
Not bad, not bad!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday in the studio with Bud

This is how we kick it....