Monday, May 23, 2011

Susan, I love you the way a Mexican woman should be

For the past 24 hours I have been kicking myself for not stopping the fellow we passed yesterday morning in the tenderloin wearing a t-shirt proclaiming the above to ask for a photo. It was the second best t-shirt I've ever seen.

Breakfast in the tenderloin was excellent. We ate at the Lafayette Coffee Shop which was a completely satisfying experience from beginning to end right down to the dumpster located in the bathroom, the graffiti over the toilet that said "dog dick," the pimpy looking dude eating lunch with his dog at the booth behind us, and the great vintage tableware we dined from. Best hashbrowns ever, super solid breakfast.

I looked up the yelp on the place just now and this review is hilarious:

"The patrons included a mother and 30 something year old daughter who was really excited about this new business deal she had breeding her pet rat. I think she had it with her in a cage. "

Yep, sounds about right.

The art fairs were great. I'm super encourage by the solid showing. Ever since I started attending art fairs regularly a few years ago I've been hoping San Francisco would step up its game and put together something that looked better, and took more chances. The last two fairs I went to in SF made me want to stop attending fairs in San Francisco all together for their focus on conservative, decorative, commercial works.

By contrast ArtMrkt was outstanding! Well presented, with a good mix of decorative and challenging art.

I didn't take a ton of photos because I always get squirrelly about that at fairs. In some instances it's okay and in others a stern warning will be delivered before the threat of ejection. I'm pretty sure it was fine but never-the-less.....

The few sneaky shots I attempted included these works by Anthony Burgess which are made of matchbook covers.

Linder's Perchant was one of my favorite spaces along with Charlie James who was showing Elizabeth Higgins O'Connor along side Orly Cogan which was a nice coupling.

And of course OMF needed his photo taken in front of the Fiat with two front ends. Note the world's A-1 best t-shirt?!?!?!? It's a little hard to make out in this shot but the Old Man showed up wearing a t-shirt for La Bries Sleep Center's "Night Comfort Theatre." My dome was blown!

With the exception of Jack Hanley Gallery I was pretty underwhelmed by ArtPad, although I feel like it has the potential to be fabulous. I'm curious what others thought of it....

I scored this John Baldessari print at Jack Hanley's space which was part of "17 Reasons," a multi-disciplinary, site-specific work that took place in various locations throughout the mission in 2003, curated by Hanley and Kate Fowle. I am beyond stoked to own this little number and shall be wisking it off to the framer this week.

Axe Messy Look paste spotted at ArtPad. For those who don't know, anything Axe related is innately funny... Just ask Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeil Hamburger!!!
Aside from the above the succulent wall surrounding the pool at ArtPad was wonderful.

The weekend contained a fair amount of hot succulent action. There's so much that will thrive in the bay area that just can't hang in Sac. Too hot + too frozen....

The view from Coit Tower!

In conclusion the final night of the SS Records extravaganza was excellent!!!! Action packed.... What? What's the matter? What?!?!?!?

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