Monday, April 18, 2011

Come to my Slumber Party

Holy crap I am back!!!

I owe it to the Slip Man!

Who is the Slip Man? Who can say? All we know is that he is the arch nemesis of one Mr. Craig Whatley who may be the funniest or the craziest dude on Norcal public access.

When OMF, Watt Ave Red and I headed to the bay for a wedding this weekend we stayed the night in San Rafael. We also bestowed OMF with the nickname of Jack Tripper for 16 hours or so.

After dining on some Extreme Pizza (I was shot down in my bid to try both a high rated Cuban join and Pizza Orgasmica) we hit the room and started channel surfing only to stumble on Access Television gold. A total what-in-the-sam-hell caused us to be so lucky kind of moment, otherwise known as the Slip 'n Slide, broadcast on Marin Access Cable from 10:30-11pm on Friday nights.

Here's some of the Slip 'n Slide's greatest hits.

Just in case you wondered what they look like....

Like I said SOLID GOLD!!!

I'm foregoing the more controversial material but let's just say Whatley covers all bases, equally offending most races and religions. This Slip Man, who Whatley apparently hates, is well hung, wanted by both gays and women, uses a lot of racial slurs, and desires BJs.

It was a seriously entertaining 30 minutes.

The wedding the next day was awesome. We took a yacht around the San Francisco harbor for three hours.

So rad!

Check out these broads.

In the end I'm now fascinated by Angel Island and want to make a visit this summer. So super neat!

Not a bad way to kick off spring break!

P.S. This website is RAD and I want to eat it all!!!

P.P.S. The KZAP event at Time Tested was amazing and I got totally choked up at the beginning. Fortunately I reigned it in and held it together but seriously, so awesome. A reminder that Sacto has had some cool ass shit at different times....

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