Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stitchin' in the ditch

There's been a lot going on lately.... a lot.

The Bill Cunningham event was rad. So rad in fact that it is deserving of its own post. In the meantime here's everything else.

I was in a show in Sonoma last month at their art center which happened in a blink! I zipped my work out there, ran around Sacto like a chicken with its head cut off for about a month (as per my norm) and then zipped back to pick the work up.
Check out OMF touching stuff. I can't take this guy anywhere.

This piece was pretty intense. I'll never know if she actually gets cremated in the piece..... that's probably part of the intrigue I suppose....

I liked this cast iron dog at the Sonoma mission.
And this one as well. This I feel captures Buddy's expression when he was awoken by a 4:30am dogurt alarm clock commanding him to crap wherever possible instantly. There's been some sleepless nights as of late.

This is the creepiest thing in Sonoma. I'm a fan.

OMF bought me a shotgun for our 5th anniversary.

JK, actually, because 5 years is the wood anniversary he bought me two Nate Cordero pieces! Score!

In turn I made the old man a quilt! Which sounded like a sweet idea at the time I dreamt it up until I got into things and realized what a crazy amount of work a quilt is. Whoa dang!

There was the cutting, which included pieces of all kinds of sentimental stuff like the lining out of the coat he was wearing when we met (which he gave me to cut up I swear) and the sheet he took with him on his first trip to Europe.

Then the sewing of the patches.

The laying out... which in the interest of time my mom and I came up with a simplified design to ensure I'd get this bad boy delivered on time.

After assembly there's the quilting also sometimes known as STITCHIN' IN THE DITCH!!!

And wallah! Finished product complete with el dog-o!

For a few finishing touches I also included tags off of clothes of his that have fallen off over the years and other little odds and ends. Don't ask me why I keep this stuff. In the end it turned out pretty cool. Totally not bad for a first attempt and 100% not possible without the help of my ma!! Thanks ma!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Holy Crapola!!!!

I do not know where the last five years went! Being married to this dude has been a hoot. I feel like I blinked and suddenly we've been together all told for almost seven years. That's the way it should be right?
This is what we looked like before we got married. We've grown up so much since then!
Jaime at the bachelorette party drinking Bud through a "straw." P.S. I still have my straws much to OMF's shagrin.

OMF singular. He still had a chance to get away at this point.

OMF + Mrs. Foster. I am so glad she got to see us get married.

The wreckin' crew. Muggs aka the world's best stylist, and my sis partying down before the big event.

Check out our wedding photographer. This guy was 100% PRO!

My pop who pounded a brew before steppin' out to quell his nerves + my beautiful bouquet designed by Jaime.
It's official!
Head table pre-Nitzberg invasion.
Master of disheveled ceremonies.
One of the best things about a wedding is being able to throw a dream party where everyone of your favorite friends and family are there. It's so great.
Like these dudes for instance.
And my sister rockin' out with my aunts who love to party!
Me 'n Foot Foot having a moment.
My mom and sister made our wedding cake. Later I found out that one of their dogs took a tiny lick out of the bottom of the cake but hey that's what frosting is for right?

Looking at these pics is absolutely the best. OMF and I have been through a lot in the last five years. We gained a magazine and then sent it on its way, we lost some people close to us, bought a house, and purchased somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 cars, traveled from Italy to the west coast and all points in between, and continue to house Sacto's most curmudgeonly dog.

In short happy 5 year anniversary sweetie! I LOVE YOU!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Come to my Slumber Party

Holy crap I am back!!!

I owe it to the Slip Man!

Who is the Slip Man? Who can say? All we know is that he is the arch nemesis of one Mr. Craig Whatley who may be the funniest or the craziest dude on Norcal public access.

When OMF, Watt Ave Red and I headed to the bay for a wedding this weekend we stayed the night in San Rafael. We also bestowed OMF with the nickname of Jack Tripper for 16 hours or so.

After dining on some Extreme Pizza (I was shot down in my bid to try both a high rated Cuban join and Pizza Orgasmica) we hit the room and started channel surfing only to stumble on Access Television gold. A total what-in-the-sam-hell caused us to be so lucky kind of moment, otherwise known as the Slip 'n Slide, broadcast on Marin Access Cable from 10:30-11pm on Friday nights.

Here's some of the Slip 'n Slide's greatest hits.

Just in case you wondered what they look like....

Like I said SOLID GOLD!!!

I'm foregoing the more controversial material but let's just say Whatley covers all bases, equally offending most races and religions. This Slip Man, who Whatley apparently hates, is well hung, wanted by both gays and women, uses a lot of racial slurs, and desires BJs.

It was a seriously entertaining 30 minutes.

The wedding the next day was awesome. We took a yacht around the San Francisco harbor for three hours.

So rad!

Check out these broads.

In the end I'm now fascinated by Angel Island and want to make a visit this summer. So super neat!

Not a bad way to kick off spring break!

P.S. This website is RAD and I want to eat it all!!!

P.P.S. The KZAP event at Time Tested was amazing and I got totally choked up at the beginning. Fortunately I reigned it in and held it together but seriously, so awesome. A reminder that Sacto has had some cool ass shit at different times....