Monday, February 14, 2011

What's up with this going to bed nonsense?!?

OMF and I have TOO MUCH STUFF!!!!

In an effort to share the magic from our humble abode with the rest of the world we have rented a shelf at the 57th Street Antique Mall.

All this and more can be YOURS!

Do you need help curing your gonorrhea without drugs?

What's up with this going to bed nonsense right?

Twin bed Star Wars sheets for a guest room or a very special very nerdy child's bed?

How 'bout some robin's egg blue Tepco ware? OMF and I just traded up for some Russel Wright but this stuff is indestructible. And chock full of California history!

Vintage I Magnin?

Gordons California Pottery?

For my graphic arts nerd friends how 'bout Fortune Magazine from the 1960s? These things are crazy cool!

Or a spicy French novel? The cover is a little dirty (no pun intended but trust me, it's priced to move!). Meow!

Do you like Batman?
Don't delay!!! ACT NOW!!!!!!!!!


Skipper said...

Is the Mr. T book there?

Ol' Man Foster said...


Liv Moe said...

OMF beat me to the punch. I swear I reference that book like once a year.

Liv Moe said...

Oh and I forgot to mention that we opened with a sale. We are very motivated sellers:)

Jon Z said...

How much are the Star Wars Twin Bedding sheets? Flat and fitted?