Monday, January 3, 2011

Hot cha!

What's up!?!?!??!?!?!?
The holidays what a blur!.... They sorta went by in a blink of greatness although I have to admit at some point I didn't know what to do with myself as a result of taking time off. This holiday break proved that semi idle hands will eventually, begrudgingly paint the bathroom.

I finally got to try Petra which was BOMB!

There was dayraging!
And I can finally say that I have ridden a mechanical bull. Caroline was the brave soul who opted to go first. This sort of pioneering spirit defines the lady dayrage.
OMF got a new surf board!
And he got me a Steif Foxy for Xmas!!! With the help of a certain local bookseller who is the coolest. I love my Foxy. His resemblance to Buddy is erie. If it weren't for the fact that one smells like candy and turds I wouldn't be able to tell them apart....

There was homemade ravioli with sage butter, although in fairness my mom made the filling and all I did was assemble but still... YUM!

Check out these wild turkeys!
And Cuban food. What!?
To conclude this epic holiday break we were spirited to Locke where we rang in the New Year with style!
Smell ya later 2010. Hot cha!

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olivia and trisha said...

Liv, you are Hilarious!!!
and i totally feel you on going home and not know what the hell to do with all the Nothing going on there.-TJ