Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Excess is all..... Paul McCarthy's Mechanical Pig, 2003

Do you see how blissed out that pig is???? That's me right now! Blissed out with excitement that our local PBS affiliate KVIE is now carrying Art 21!! Can I get a HELL, YES!??!

Last year when I worked on the auction I was a broken record of Art 21, Art 21, Art 21, Art 21. My bleating and nagging can now come to an end and I shall lay back, ecstatically happy about rad viewing. Best of all the upcoming episode features Yinka Shonibare, Cindy Sherman, and PAUL MCCARTHY!


Here's more info:

Friday, January21

ART IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY: Transformation and Contemporary Art

Costumes and masks, makeup and style, dolls and mannequins, stage and cinema—what strategies do we use to refashion identity? Do we seek out excess and extremes in order to see ourselves more clearly? Transformation explores these questions in the work of the artists Yinka Shonibare MBE, Cindy Sherman, and Paul McCarthy.

In conclusion... check this out...


beckler said...

the pig is grotesque. figures the only good show on pbs is on friday nights. wow, i sound grumpy.

Liv Moe said...

grotesque?!?!? well yea. but maybe also a little cute?

beckler said...

the fact that it's mechanical makes it creepy. I guess I am just afraid of robots.