Monday, December 6, 2010

Old news

Remember Thanksgiving? I do.... it was the last time I stone cold kicked it and it was fun.
Check out this fantastic painting I just scored from Andrew Patterson-Tutschka!!! It is my new favorite thing and something I've pined over for months. I love it!
Look at how festive this looks!!! Happy Thanksgiving, jeez!
I made little buns for Thanksgiving and my little buns were hella good.
I hope everyone has either seen or is planning to see Bill Burg's X-Mas windows because they are the best!
The best!
This year I partook in a post Thanksgiving bike ride as opposed to pre... It was great and I got to ride this sweet pink bike. Thanks G!
There we drinks on the Delta King.
And Bunch time and an impromptu secret house partay!

We were all fortunate enough to partake in a freakin' scandalous panettone! I'm serious when I say I thought about it for 3 days afterwards.
We played cards. Check out Muggs' hand.... and smirk.
I'm pretty sure this dude won although to be fair we began imbibing at 1:30 that day so the details were fuzzy.
I checked out 99 Ranch. AMAZING!
Both of the above photos constituted my lunch and even with the help of Watt Avenue Red we couldn't finish everything. Did I mention my lunch was like a dollar? Okay maybe it was more than that, but it was definitely super cheap.
Skipper got cool.
I bought a dragon fruit.... where watermelon meets kiwi.
This monkey climbing a tree made my day on Franklin Boulevard. I am seriously not exagerrating when I say shit like this gives me faith in the human race. It takes a sense of humor to do this kinda thing. The best!
I'm fine tuning my ramen skills and got all cocky with these noodles. The package claimed this was 10 servings and I was like yea right. In the end let's just say there were A LOT of noodles.
What a holiday weekend! THE BEST!


the Citizen Rosebud said...

There's ALOT of food in your posts. LOTS. of. food.

Anonymous said...

Secret House Party!


Liv Moe said...

The Best!

beckler said...

secret even from me!

Anonymous said...

Well, if you had a laptop....


Liv Moe said...

or a smart phone....

gee whz said...

I was just googling images of the bike ride and saw my sweet ol' pink bike! I miss that ride.