Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This is really, really important

Before I get to the meat of what I'm about to discuss let me first say... COME TO VERGE'S HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE!
Thursday, November 11 from 5:30-9:30pm. Scott Soriano will DJ, we'll have some awesome silent auction items including dinner for two from Magpie, delicious Belgian Brew, and SANTA! Did I mention the event is free?!? DO NOT MISS IT!

Okay, now that's outta the way check this out:

If you track my blog posts in recent months you can pretty much map the exact point at which Verge began is bumpy transition. Since that time my posts have devolved into a non-stop "come to this screening," or "check out this event." Not the most titillating content I know...

The truth of the matter is that for the past 7 months my brain power has been consumed by this enterprise and making it succeed is taking everything I've got and then some. In recent days I've been reflecting on things I used to do before every free second was taken by Verge. Cooking delicious food, hanging with OMF, travel, drinking beer with friends, spending time with family, fill in the blank I used to do it. Now I cobble together odd jobs and projects from which I can eek out some small existence with anywhere from 8-14 hours a day devoted to work as Verge hasn't had the funds up to this point to support me.

Though it may seem as though I am bringing this up for pity (and I won't lie sympathy could be cool) really I'm addressing this situation to express how important I think Verge is. If I didn't think this project was so important and something Sacramento has needed for decades I wouldn't be making all these sacrifices. Instead I'd get a day job wherever, rent myself a little workspace, make my own art and call it a day eating food, drinking beer, and kickin' it with Tim.

Truth of the matter is though, Verge is important. Really, really, really important and it is my hope that through reading this you might be inclined to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts.

The success of Verge wouldn't just mean a paycheck for old Liv Moe... It would potentially mean paychecks for other staff as well including administrators, teachers, and curators. Could you imagine if there were more than just the current meager employment offerings around here for those working in the arts?

Building Verge would also create a community space, like a hive of sorts for emerging and career artists to get together and talk about ideas, share opportunities, and lend each other support.

Our classroom space will facilitate workshops and lectures in both studio practice AND art appreciation expanding the understanding of art, specifically contemporary art in this region. Case in point, though video art is a medium that's been in existence for several decades now how often do you see it in Sacto? Answer is not very often...

Outside of class programming and workshops the classroom will also feature film screenings, live events, and other community related events making Verge a meeting space for all.

Like the old space our gallery space will continue to exhibit incredibly high caliber exhibitions of work by artists making a name for themselves on both national and international levels enabling the region to gain access to work that might not be seen in Sacramento otherwise. What's more by presenting the local community with experimental works from outside the region we will help bring local dialogues about art and culture into a bigger context.

What I have just brought up only barely scratches the surface of what Verge can offer. This is a big deal and bottom line it just won't happen without your support. If you're on the fence about Verge come to the Holiday Open House and see what we're all about and in the meantime check out this flick!


Anonymous said...

hey there liv,

i have long thought that your community building work for the sacramento arts world is AWESOME. in particular, your work at verge for the past two years (along with the efforts of ms. marasso and mr powell) has been a vibrant addition to sac's visual culture. there's nothing like VERGE in town!! thank you all.

it takes people with passion and vision to expand the artistic possibilities in this san joaquin valley of ours, and boy can it be a slooooww process

as much as i appreciate a beautiful landscape or cityscape painting, it is great to see a more diverse range of art locally without having to drive hundreds of miles. people like you make this possible for the rest of us to enjoy.

my sense is that sacramento's newest (and probably best) art hub is forming in the southside/downtown area. today there is verge, howard-skinner gallery, solomon dubnick, S12, and the new mega crocker all within a less than 10 minute walking distance.

keep up the good work!

Liv Moe said...

wow! thanks for the kind words! I needed that today :)