Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Skipper Chisholm a birthday tribute

I've been laid up sick most of the day and as result this little old post is squeaking in under the wire but still just in time never the less!

In scrolling through Skipper's profile pics on his Facebook page I realized there is no wonder dude is one of my closest friends. He's a good sport, he's funny, smart, knows more about grub than most folks I know, understands fine art and has been the subject of at least one piece I've made, and has a range of esoteric interests which compliment my fringe obsessions nicely.

We've been buddies for a gang of time now, seen 4 countries together that I can think of off the top of my head, and numerous stateside adventures including the bizarro Nada Dada junket of 2009. Our other adventures are many... too many count. We've blown up cans of food on a Hibachi, documented the only performance piece I've made in public, canned shit, maneuvered a 14ft u-haul over the grapevine, spent hours and hours at the river, and eaten countless meals together - chicken Gordon Bleu anyone(?)....

Anyhoo, to the dude who endeared himself to my heart by cooking a pound of bacon in the middle of the night so many years ago.... who happily chucked crap into the vacant lot outside our window with me when we lived on L... wore matching clogs with me around Prague.... rivals OMF in jalapeno consumption over the course of a month.... and who has been there for me more times than I can count on all my digits.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY dude. You are the best!


Anonymous said...

Not to naysay, but you've neither of you has actually canned shit. Piero Manzoni canned shit.


Liv Moe said...


Anonymous said...

holy key-tar, skipper is pretty much the best photo subject ever. don't know which my favorite is, but "skanky bitch" is right up there with "soda drinkin'"

Liv Moe said...

yea, "skanky bitch" is pretty epic.