Friday, August 6, 2010

Jackson Pollock mug shot

So check it out... Apparently, Jackson Pollock is still alive and making work right here in Sacramento! Amazing I know. This little know fact was uncovered at this year's California State Fair Fine Art Exhibition where the master's hand could be clearly distinguished amongst the other works on display. He was using a nom de plume natch... but don't be fooled!

The four of us were so excited we had to get our photos taken with the work.

With these 4 groovy head shoots I supposed the only thing left for us to do now is start a band.



Anonymous said...

band...the obvious next step...


d a v i d e said...

I've heard there's a guy that can easily spot an "original" Pollock fingerprint on any given painting. Do you want his number?

Liv Moe said...

Already contacted him! How do you think I knew?