Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Art after WANGA

The Fawns, Peregrine Honig

"Seducing oneself into believing in art’s intrinsic goodness however is simply bad religion no matter what the rewards, it is bad cult religion when professing one’s belief in art’s goodness becomes a condition of membership in the art community." - David Hickey, Frivolity and Unction, "Air Guitar"

Upon my initial viewing of Work of Art the Next Great Artist I immediately began formulating a blog post in my head. Working 12 hour days and following the reportage of colleagues as opposed to writing about it myself put the kabosh on any quasi intelligent musings I came up with, as did the insipid tack the show eventually took. Despite it's devolution into the land of the reality lame I stuck it out and will definitely watch another season if for no other reason than the train wreck factor.

In scanning the fallout now that the show is good and over Paddy Johnson has come forward with an excellent distillation of the show as a whole and what if any long term impact it will have. She also made mention of a fabulous David Hickey essay - Frivolity and Unction - which I highly recommend.

Speaking from the reality of someone working in the art world provinces - compared to New York or LA or even SF for that matter - I can assure those concerned that the masses seemed unaffected by the show. From an insiders stand point, however, the bigger concerns as to what it means for the Brooklyn Museum or the reputation of Jerry Salz is another story.

I suppose at the end of the day if a show like WANGA could have the far reaching affects that critics and insiders fear it could or does, that would really be something right? From where I'm sitting it seems the masses by and large are fine making pretty pictures, and cracking that shell for the better or worse is gonna take more that one oddly conceived reality show.

For the record I think Peregrine should have won....


Anonymous said...

Based on the final show I thought Peregrine should have won too - and I was unimpressed with almost every other thing she did in the earler episodes.


Liv Moe said...

I mostly concur, although I think sometimes my skepticism about Peregrine was influenced by her flamboyant wardrobe choices. Yes, I know that sounds superficial but she was wearing bunny ears for Christ's sake.

Anyhoo, we can agree to disagree but I thought the pony piece was fantastic and far and away the best of the Children's Museum works. It need a higher platform for presentation I thought but still I was pro.

Anonymous said...

I think I liked jacklyn's piece on the kiddie challenge, but now I can't really remember. I thought the pony piece was kinda corntacular myself.


Liv Moe said...

corn... tacular

Peregrine said...

Dear Moe,
I am cheerfully incorporating "corntacular" into my dialogue.
Thank you for the fun blog.

Liv Moe said...

Dear Peregrine,


-Liv Moe