Tuesday, August 31, 2010

North Korean Chocolate Covered Mushrooms

You know what tastes great after a ginormous meal of all you can eat sushi? North Korean Chocolate Covered Mushrooms!

Dave brought us this sweet treat from his recent travels!!!!!!
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Check out OMF diggin' 'em. Nom!

The flavor was similar to a shitake initially and then surprisingly, mushrooms in the company of chocolate taste a lot like coconut.


Don't be fooled by the look on Tedder's face. We all loved 'em.

Nom, nom, nom!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Art after WANGA

The Fawns, Peregrine Honig

"Seducing oneself into believing in art’s intrinsic goodness however is simply bad religion no matter what the rewards, it is bad cult religion when professing one’s belief in art’s goodness becomes a condition of membership in the art community." - David Hickey, Frivolity and Unction, "Air Guitar"

Upon my initial viewing of Work of Art the Next Great Artist I immediately began formulating a blog post in my head. Working 12 hour days and following the reportage of colleagues as opposed to writing about it myself put the kabosh on any quasi intelligent musings I came up with, as did the insipid tack the show eventually took. Despite it's devolution into the land of the reality lame I stuck it out and will definitely watch another season if for no other reason than the train wreck factor.

In scanning the fallout now that the show is good and over Paddy Johnson has come forward with an excellent distillation of the show as a whole and what if any long term impact it will have. She also made mention of a fabulous David Hickey essay - Frivolity and Unction - which I highly recommend.

Speaking from the reality of someone working in the art world provinces - compared to New York or LA or even SF for that matter - I can assure those concerned that the masses seemed unaffected by the show. From an insiders stand point, however, the bigger concerns as to what it means for the Brooklyn Museum or the reputation of Jerry Salz is another story.

I suppose at the end of the day if a show like WANGA could have the far reaching affects that critics and insiders fear it could or does, that would really be something right? From where I'm sitting it seems the masses by and large are fine making pretty pictures, and cracking that shell for the better or worse is gonna take more that one oddly conceived reality show.

For the record I think Peregrine should have won....

El Topo... the most wonderful experience of your life!

Here's one last push for this evening's screening of El Topo at the Hub. 3 bones, 7:30pm, full moon, outta sight!

If you need more fuel for the El Topo fire check out what my man, fellow Fargo native Peter Schjeldahl has to say about it...

“El Topo is simply a monumental work of filmic art. One is astonished each time by patterns and shades of meaning never noticed before. It demands to be seen more than once!” – Peter Schjeldahl, The New York Times

El Topo is not a western, it is beyond western!!!!!!!

The voice over from the original trailer: “Be prepared to live the most wonderful experience of your life. Alejandro Jodorowsky’s film classic, El Topo. El Topo is not a western. It goes far beyond any western. El Topo is not a religious film. It contains all religions. It is a mystic film. El Topo is bloody. It is tender. El Topo is miraculous. And terrible. It’s funny. It’s violent. El Topo is monstrous. And cruel. El Topo is more than spectacle. It is an experience for all of your life.” Plot description: The gunfighter El Topo (“The Mole”) and his young son ride through a desert to a village, whose inhabitants have been massacred. Bandits are nearby, torturing and killing the survivors. El Topo rescues a woman (Mara), who leads him on a mission to find and defeat the four master gunmen of the desert. Leaving his son with a group of monks, El Topo and Mara complete the mission, accompanied by a mysterious woman in black. The women leave El Topo wounded in the desert, where he is found by a clan of deformed people who take him to the remote cavern where they live. Awakening years later, he goes with a dwarf woman to a nearby town, promising to dig a tunnel through which the cave-dwellers can escape. They find the town run by a vicious sheriff and home to a bizarre religious cult. El Topo's son, now a man, is a monk in the town. The completion of the tunnel leads El Topo, the townspeople, and the cave-dwellers to a bloody and tragic end.

--1970 125 minutes, in color

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Low-rent society page

First things first... As I type this the season finale of WANGA is downloading which I will watch tonight. If you spoil the ending I will break you knees!

Now that's outta the way, check this out. So Becks and I's first film screening event at the Hub last month - Thee Kenneth Anger Film Fest and Weenie Roast TM - went super well. So well that we are doing another one this month on August 24th. We'll be screening the Alejandro Jodorowsky mind trip El Topo, darling of the New York art film circuit and arguably one of Jodorowsky's best known works.

Satan won't be appearing at this one but you should come anyway.
Here's a clip to whet your appetite. More info coming soon.

In conclusion this pic made my morning. It's so low rent society page. I love it!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Jackson Pollock mug shot

So check it out... Apparently, Jackson Pollock is still alive and making work right here in Sacramento! Amazing I know. This little know fact was uncovered at this year's California State Fair Fine Art Exhibition where the master's hand could be clearly distinguished amongst the other works on display. He was using a nom de plume natch... but don't be fooled!

The four of us were so excited we had to get our photos taken with the work.

With these 4 groovy head shoots I supposed the only thing left for us to do now is start a band.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is this blowing your mind?

Cuz it should be... Speaking of blowing minds... You know what's blowing mine? The amount of fucking work that goes into organizing a charity rummage sale. Christ! My respect for charity orgs who host fundraising rummage sales climbed exponentially in recent days. That said I'm certain the payoff is gonna be sweet. Just look at all these goods!

Amazing right? We got high end designer stuff, including Gucci (say what?!), to go along with the real shiz we also have some beautiful designer knock-offs, Eames era furnishings, musical instruments, vintage collectibles, jewelry (both fancy and costume), and art supplies galore. This is a fantastic sale.

The whole shebang opens tonight with a shopping party from 7-10pm. $15 dollars gets you in, the food and drink is free, and Scott Soriano (Verge studio resident) is djing. The sale itself continues through the weekend Saturday and Sunday from 8am-2pm each day.

See you soon!