Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 11, 2010 to the present in no particular order

It's probably a sign that I need to get out more but the fruit salad produced by this cart blew my mind.

Mineral is a lovely town.
OMF sold the Losin' Streaks van... see ya later stabbin' cabin!
Check out the awesome interior of the tow van. Gem bubble windows! So fuckin' rad!!!!!!!

And again... eek!

I so want to go to Bingo night very, very, very soon.

Nothing says classy like champagne on ice. Very nice...

View from inside my truck. Ahhhhhhhh!
Shovelin' studs.

The Straight Up Gas Institute? WTF?! Cough, bullshit, cough, cough. Is this for real?

Why is this dude telling everyone to shut up on the condiment bar at Old Soul? It ain't the library.
speakin' of blowin' my mind...
the end

Monday, July 5, 2010


Big things are afoot! As usual largely Verge things with a little KVIE and some other biznez thrown in here and there.

First on the Verge front, WE NEED DONATIONS YO!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring your gently used treasures of all variety to Verge this Thursday from 1 to 5pm. If you do you'll be greeted by the lovely Trisha Jeanne Rhomberg of Pretty Trashy, Bows and Arrows, and now Verge Studio resident fame. What!?!?!?!? So far we got some rad stuff making for a rad sale including a Kramer American guitar, Marshall amp, art books, collectibles, vintage clothes, and crafting goods. It shaping up to good shopping. Here are the dates and details in case you need 'em:
Verge Center for the Arts
625 S Street
Preview party Thursday, August 5, 7-10pm
Sale Saturday and Sunday August 7&8 from 8am-2pm

In other rad stuff news Beckler and I will be hosting thee Kenneth Anger Film Fest and Weenie Roast on Thursday, July 22 at the Hub. There'll be more ANGER than you can shake a stick at and weenies! Weenies!!!!!!!!!! I'll probably wear my cobra and perhaps a cape. Cape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what else, what else... AFC gave a shout out to the world's best lamp last week.

I think this video is funny if you can watch it long enough to get to the crying.

Speaking of crying, I've been following Work of Art the Next Great Artist since episode one. As much as I'm thrilled to the gils to watch an hour of art production, exhibition, and critique every week, the show is starting to suck as most had predicted it would. This of course does not mean I'm gonna stop watching.