Thursday, June 3, 2010

Desert hijinksll

Hey look! I went camping again. Perhaps, from here on out this blog will simply serve as a travel log for my various camping trips now that I'm coming to feel camping obsessed. Best shit ever!

Check out Skip dog getting some work done in the desert. Dude is all business.

I think I mostly subsisted on beer and some flavor of animal all weekend. Yum!

I took so many pictures of flowers this weekend. The desert was amazing. I thought about digging one up and trying to bring it home but then forgot/felt too lazy.

Look out!

Desert payload. I brought about a quarter of this home and also managed to loose my favorite German lip gloss in the process which I suspect is coating the new steer spine which is now installed in my cactus garden.

Bunchy... desert fox.

Skipper's amazing muffaletta!

Check out my new gloves! I mostly found this sunburn amusing.... Mostly.

Desert hike.

Dr. Skipper.

Sunset spirit guide.

Biker dude.



Skipper said...

you called me 'dog'.

Liv Moe said...

that's right dawg!!!!

Liv Moe said...

additionally, i just got your message about the "wood." i'm working all day but will phone later.

Anonymous said...

Pretty flower. Looks like Sphaeralcea.