Friday, June 11, 2010

Caller ID

Because my attendance at Verge recently has been spotty - what with my 25 new jobs - I haven't been there to answer the phone which is important. You never know who might be calling, maybe someone who wants to help us out - which we super need - or you know whatever. So I swung by the gallery the other day and cleared the caller ID in the phone and called back anyone with an identifiable name and #. Never an odder 30 or so minutes have I spent. In relating the story later I've now been painted with the weirdo brush for clearing the caller ID but whatevs I was curious and perhaps a bit of an over achiever. Live and learn. Below are a couple of the gems.

Call from:

Quality Art Incorporated

Me: Hey there, this is Liv Moe from Verge Center for the Arts. I'm calling back a missed call from this number.

QAI: Oh hello, thank you. Yes, we specialize mainly in sports... and some religious themes. Do you like painting?

Me: We specialize in contemporary art which sometimes includes painting.

QAI: Well we do a lot of sports and some religious themes.

Me: Oh, well our gallery is currently closed.

QAI: I see well sometimes we do landscape.

Me: I see well, thanks for taking my call.

QAI: Okay

Me: Bye

QAI: Bye

Call from:

Starr, Super

Me: Hi there, I'm clearing the caller ID from VCA and saw that you phoned.

SS: who


SS: who

Me: Verge

SS: who

Me: Verge Gallery

SS: Who

Me: Verge Sacramento

SS: Are you a museum?

Me: No

SS: Who

Me: Verge

SS: Did you say a gallery?

Me: Yea

SS: Hold on

SS puts phone down in front of a loud speaker playing rap music and a woman gets on the phone.

SS2: Hello!

Me: Hi there, I was returning a call placed to the Verge Center for the Arts.

SS2: You with a gallery?

Me: Well... yea

SS2: My grandma gave me a painting and I need it appraised

Me: I see, unfortunately we don't do that here.

SS2: Do you know somebody?!

Me: No


hangs up

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