Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't call it a comeback!

Man I have been gone forever! I can believe the last post I made was about a trip I took at the end of April. This has to be a new record for post gaps.

The past month has been brutal as I have worked to get my legs under me and adapt to all of the recent transitions at Verge. Now that the gallery is closed - for the time being(!) - and we are in the rebuilding process in our new location I've picked up work in a few other spots to hold out in the interim. Most notably I am the new Auction Ops Specialist at KVIE. Special Ops baby!

Given all of this, getting back into some sort of routine has been rough. I feel like I am just now getting the hang of how to keep all these plates spinning... we'll see. I'll tell you this, I get up a lot earlier these days and work a lot later:( but that's what ya gotta do sometimes I suppose.

In the midst of all this the Verge has developed a new blog! That's right!!! A blog all it's own so my posts on my blog can be about my stuff and Verge posts can exist on the Verge blog. It's all so exciting! So check it out, it's my first experience with wordpress which was pain, and there will be additions as we move forward but in the meantime it's up and it's there and it's keeping folks in the loop!!!

Stay tuned....