Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Have you been to Nepenthe?

OMG, vacation!!!! What wonders a four day break can make. I feel like a whole new person ready to face anew the trials and tribulations of the art world... sorta. Granted had I been away another day or so the temptation to run off to Big Sur, to live on the beach and subsist on burritos and craft brew would have been great. No cel phone reception, no troubles, total bliss. As is I keep thinking nostalgically about the campfire and how much I'd like to still be sitting around with a beer at five o'clock staring into the wilderness. Alas....

On the way down to Carmel we stopped in Stockton for some Manny's and did a little thriftin' which was kind of a bust. I found a great dress which seemed flawless until I carried it around long enough to check out the seat and realize that an unfortunate accident of some sort is what lead it to the Salvation Army.

"No Problem," oil on canvas, 1995

I'm still surprised I resisted this guy. No problem!

As we continued down the 5 we happened upon this Tower Mart which had just been attacked by aliens!!!

There were a gang of 'em.

We narrowly made it out with our lives!

We spent the first night of our trip in Carmel and ate at Dametra which was amazing!!! Totally, affordable and amazing feast.

Lebanese gem brew.

"Kid taking a crap," acrylic on board, date unknown

Post dinner we took a walk around Carmel and stumbled across this fabulous painting. The multiple glasses of sparkling wine I had with dinner made it impossible for me to stop laughing at this masterpiece.

Check out the view from the back of our campsite in Big Sur. Waterfall!!!

This was the view from the front, no big whoop.

The old man and I went to the beach and he fell asleep on the purple sand. We both got a little sunburned.

That night we discovered the end all be all of awesome restaurants.... Nepenthe!

Henry Miller partied there natch and who wouldn't? The view was amazing, the architecture was amazing, in short it was all amazing. Our dinner was good too although in hindsight I wish I had gotten the burger. Apparently, it's what they're known for. Next time...

We made our way out of Big Sur via Nacimiento Road aka the Cabrillo Hwy which was an insane discovery. There was next to no one on it and the scenery was totally breathtaking. We frolicked in a meadow and smelled wildflowers. It was the best.

The Cabrillo Hwy dumped us out at Mission San Antonio which was cool.

Good ol' Padre Serra Hung Bell... what a guy.

The next night we set up camp on the Arroyo Seco river. Very nice.

On the way home the next day we finally stopped at the Red Barn, that antique place off the 101 that has big white letters on the side. Disneyana? Ring a bell? Whenever I pass it heading to the coast I think we should stop there and then never do. It was just okay. The barn itself is closed for renovation and the rest of it is mostly new junk. Kinda like the Folsom Flea minus the old stuff.

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