Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Art of the Steal

You don't want to miss the opening night screening of The Art of the Steal at the Crest on April 16. I say this having watched the film last night and getting totally caught up in it and ticked off. I shook my head and talked to the screen for atleast the last 40 minutes of the film. It is totally engrossing (as the below ad will tell you) as well as incredibly complex.

I spent all day thinking about this movie and am struggling not to say anymore about it so as not to spoil things.

Those who attend the opening night screening will be treated to a panel discussion following the film for an opportunity to unravel this complicated discussion featuring:

Dr. Elaine O'Brien, Professor of Contemporary Art and Art History, CSUS

Dr. James Housefield, Associate Professor, History, Theory, and Criticism of Design, UCD

Robin Bernhard, Collections manager, Richard L. Nelson Gallery and Fine Art Collection, UCD

Dr. William Otton, Retired Director, South Texas Museum of Art, Corpus Christi, TX

Don't miss it!

The Art of the Steal
Friday, April 16 7:30pm
The Crest Theatre

For advance tickets click here!

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