Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pluggin' the brain drain

Brain drain has been a major subject on my mind lately as I continue developing the project I am currently working on. Local resources available to artists are spotty to nil, especially those working in the visual arts. This lack of resources causes most artists with a modicum of ambition and talent to hop the minute their wings are fully formed and honestly there are days that I don't blame them. That said it's rather fitting that I came upon Nelson Curator, Renny Pritikin's recent post on SFMOMA's new blog Open Space, which I gotta say is fantastic. Blogs maintained by institutions can often be pretty dry and stodgy, lacking the seat-of-the-pants, repartee which defines blogs as a medium. By contrast, Open Space, is smart, and a good read. Since, reviewing Renny's post on artist's who have left the bay area for greener pastures (usually New York) I have forwarded it on to several friends and colleagues. Additionally, Pritikin's "Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene," has become a rosetta stone of sorts in communicating to others what the Sacto scene is lacking.

Those who know me know that I am typically a tireless Sacto cheerleader but there are times when our deficiencies cannot be denied. By reflecting on what works in other cities, perhaps we can collectively work toward plugging the leaks.... In the meantime, I'm adding Open Space to my favorite links!

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Michelle Alexander said...

Hey Liv, I love this "Rosetta Stone" art beat manifesto. Thanks for posting!