Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On to greener pastures

Well that's it. We are moved out. Tomorrow morning the last of the art gets picked up and then the Verge at 19th and V is a wrap. Surprisingly, I'm not as sad about it as one would think in large part because our new building is fantastic. Not only does it have way more potential than our V Street space, it's located in Southside, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Midtown.

Greener pastures! That's how I'm viewing this little move....
That's not to say though that I didn't jump on the first opportunity to leave a sentimental message on our "we're moving" mural the night of our closing reception.
JP left his mark too.
As did his dogs, Blade and Dongly.
Ma and Pa Moe on one of their first nights on the town post surgery.
The ubiquitous "drowsy" woodpecker which seems to accompany a pot leaf in situations such as these.
Musser doing his best to break my resolve and make me mist up. You almost had me Musser! Almost....
I can't completely disagree with this sentiment I suppose....
I wish I had gotten to meet this guy. His work was in a show I juried with Lisa in Chico a couple of weeks back. I got to see his studio and his work looked great as is this doodle.
I don't know what this was about exactly but I thought it was pretty cool.
There's always gotta be one "poop" or "fart" guy in every crowd I suppose. It wouldn't really be a graffiti wall without him or her. God bless 'em.
Monday morning bright and early post closing party we mobilized to get shit out! Packing, packing, packing.
Biggert came by wearing this awesome shirt with gifts and well wishes because Biggert rulz.
Dulling the pain and quieting the uncertainties is this awesome new location we've moved to.
The possibilities are endless.
We finished the artist migration this past weekend. Here's a pic of our fearless leader helping us move. Super champ!
Check out this chic look Karen and I were sporting. The dust that was getting kicked up during the move was epic.
The excitement to move was palpable. Just look at this enthusiasm!
Seeing the Verge empty of artist's effects was pretty sad.
I've spent considerable time since Sunday just wandering around the empty spaces. Really weird.

This little tableau cheered me up though. How long that wine's been open is anybody's guess.


Anonymous said...

you bringing that wine home? and don' even think about the bear.


Anonymous said...

K.I.T. dude!

- Billy