Friday, February 19, 2010


Last night's lecture with Paddy was fantastic(!) and amazingly well attended. There were easily 100 people there conservatively. I was so impressed though surprised there weren't more questions during the walk through given the number of questions I fielded before hand. Pictures to come.

Which brings me to my next point being that there has been next to no activity on this blog in recent weeks. This dry spell is primarily due to a massive project I am currently working on that I look forward to being able to spill the beans on soon if it comes to fruition. If it doesn't then the mystery will remain with me.

In the meantime plenty has happened... plenty.....

Lisa and I went to Art Los Angeles Contemporary which was held at the Pacific Design Center this year. Having now attempted to navigate the PCD for two solid days I can see why my colleagues in LA talk crap about it. It's not unlike the death star in Davis if the death star were sheathed in glass both inside and out and had close to no wheel chair ramps. There were of course a lot of jokes (made be me) about the building's monthly Windex bills.

This crazy lamp was on offer in the PCD for when you need a scale horse and a lamp in your living space. In a word... practical.

Beyond this I don't have a lot to say about Art LA good or bad. It was small, I would like it to be more successful if for no other reason than it's a fair I can attend with little effort on my part geographically. And of course Anthony Kiedis was there who I thought was about to say "hi" to me until I realized that we were both standing dangerously close to a sculpture made of baseball bats studded with nails and he was trying to get around me vs. fall into the art. No big.

The next day we saw Flea walking down the street with his daughter who was carrying a tiny little violin case and it was with that, that our RHCP spottings ended.

As usual I was blown away by all the beautiful greenery in LA. The above is just a tiny fraction of the actual size of that cactus.
I want to know what kind of tree this is......
SSION Boy at Peres Projects is the exhibition I have continued to think about since leaving LA. Funny, self conscious, glamourous, and absurd are all words that come to mind.

This is another image of the show that made me think of Mom. Duh

Desiree Holman's, Reborn Project at Hammer was also a stand out though sadly not on you tube to share so go to this link!!!!
The next night as I tipsily tottered through Chinatown I thought I could afford this painting for a split second before I began contemplating my budget for dinner and remembered that I am not wealthy. If I had a few expendable thousands though this would have come home with me.

I don't have a lot to say about this I'm just sharing.

This gorgeous autumn was across the street from our hotel in the city center. To quote Lisa "delicioso!"

Ted really hit it off with this baby we were traveling with.

And finally.... ladies and gentlemen.... I give you my new bathroom sink! Boom!!!!!!! Woot!!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ending the drought

Man that last post has been up a long time! What can I say? Nothing really. Not a damn thing but this....
Pink Flamingo, Acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 2009, 96 x 72 inches, Katharine Bernhardt


BE THERE........

Monday, February 1, 2010