Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Alright this puppy is just gonna go on and on.
The week before Christmas I got to tour the Crocker's expansion. It is awesome! I can't wait until it opens in October, of this year. The lighting conditions in the top floor galleries are absolutely perfect for exhibiting work. A really beautiful and exciting space!

The Four Eyes Christmas show was amazing as usual! This year Kim Jong Il showed up and threatened to kidnap the 4 Eyes and bring them to N. Korea for his own personal amusement. Fortunately he was unsuccessful. Check out Kim's beautifully tailored shirt!

Here's a gratuitous image of a flacid holiday ornament as held by Lil' Becky.

The Crestmas party featured karaoke this year! There was a group rendition of "Do They Know it's Christmas" that I want to believe was fabulously awful considering someone supposedly taped it.

Christmas was teh awezomez.

I scored the world's best shoes.

And made this lovely fritatta. Best homemade frittata to date!
I also scored perhaps the best present I've ever found OMF. 1960s new in the package, broadcloth pajamas made in California. Best of all I found them at Ed's Threads! No ebay required.
The dessert that I brought to my folks place for Christmas Eve dinner was both the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and the nastiest thing I've ever eaten. Like chewing on upholstery foam coated in icing.

Jaime came to town!!!!

New Years Eve was fun.
OMF was evil.
This blurry photo is evidence that Dave Smith was in our house for a about a minute this year.

Finally, last year I came out of the house about three days after New Year's day to discover a balloon in the front yard with $$ taped to it. I've thought about that event all year and vowed to continue the gesture like a chain letter that doesn't suck.

On New Year's night OMF and I released two balloons with scratch attached from the back deck.
We followed it's trajectory to the front yard and watched until we couldn't see a trace of it any longer hoping 2010 will bring good fortune.

fingers crossed...

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undercover caterer said...

That balloon idea is awesome! I might steal it for next year.