Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New York comes to Sacramento

Light of Coral Reef Slapping My Cheetah Face, Naomi Fisher, 2009 courtesy of Leo Koenig INC.

I'm heading out of town in the morning for Art LA but before I go I wanted to make sure to leave you with something to save the date for!

Opening on Thursday, February, 11th from 5-10pm the Verge presents Haute Romantics, curated by Art Fag City editor in chief Paddy Johnson!!!! In addition to the opening night party the Verge is also hosting two 2nd Saturday receptions on February 13 and March 13 also from 5-10pm.

On Thursday, February 18th, Paddy herself will be in town to present a lecture on the exhibition at 7pm.

Now I ask you, how often does New York come to Sacto?

Don't miss this!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kind of can't believe how much I saw and got done in the two days I was in New York last week. It was a whirlwind tour for sure.

Beginning at the New Museum with Urs Fischer's, "Margeurite de Ponty" which was shall we say... a disappointment. In discussing the exhibition with colleagues afterwards the general consensus was that Fischer is a better artist. Though the installations were ambitious they lacked refinement, a detail none two surprising having read the Tomkins piece on the development of the exhibition last summer. The mirror boxes were beautiful, but the illusion of walking through a hallucinatory landscape was broken by luke warm execution, and the non-sequitur appearance of some droopy crutches in the corner. I was also scratching my head over the inclusion of Ashanti, a performer who hasn't been relevant since 2005. Worst of all the tongue wasn't working when I was there:( To close on a bright note, however, the cake was hella cool!

For a brief moment on this trip I thought I was gonna get my big shot at the tenement museum but in the end wasn't ready to commit to the 1 hour guided tour.
Instead I went to Schimmel's knish for a taste of heaven. This little wall hanging was super cute and an accurate representation of what the place looks like complete with Groucho and WC Fields hanging out inside.
Everybody loves Schimmel's... including Martha Stewart.
And Babs!
Those pickles were amazing.
After dinner #1 I killed time around the Bowery waiting for my host and made a trip to Ricky's NYC. I can thank Al Sobrante for my infatuation with Ricky's. Lookin' good, feelin' good!
I walked around snappin' pics for a bit waiting for my friend and noticed this awesome bone chair in an antique shop. I'm guessing the creepy staging has to be intentional. Either way the spooky head shadow in the background was great.
Dinner #2 was at a falafel place also in the Bowery where this baby wants you to know that the ATM is... outside.
Day two took me to PS1 for 1969 - featuring Stephen Kaltenbach! - and Leandro Erlich's swimming pool.
The pool was cool, though I was a little bummed to find myself underwhelmed by 1969. As a friend and supporter of Steve's I am of course biased and was delighted to see his work included in the show. In general I think I was expecting an epiphany in seeing this collection of artists shown together in a historical context but instead felt as though I was experiencing deja vu. This is perhaps due in part to seeing repackagings of these luminaries - Beuys, Frankenthaler, Smithson, Acconci - in multiple exhibitions over the years. In tracking the works of these artists I think it's unavoidable to experience them in context no matter the setting or at least it is for me. Although, a show like this is intended as a time capsule - no Kaltenbach pun intended - of sorts, not necessarily a mind blower. More than anything else I left the show feeling delighted that Steve's work is assuming it's rightful place in the history of that time.
As a PS1 aside walking on records is an interesting sensation in all the ways you would imagine. Somewhere across the US I could feel Tim Matranga shuddering.
My occasion for going to New York was Biggert's opening at White Columns!
The show looked great!

And got amazingly crowded.

Thurston Moore's, "Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal #10" was in the main gallery and the Northampton Wools performed before the night was through.
Following the reception we had dinner in the west end where I saw this fantastic trash pile. After staying up until o'dark thirty I narrowly missed the JFK closure and flew home on about an hour of sleep.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh yea and this...

OMF and I rented the films of Kenneth Anger volume II last week and I can't stop watching "Scorpio Rising," Anger's 1964 short about east coast bikers. It's so oddly mesmerizing and beautiful. Also, listening to the popular music of the time which provides the sound track for the film has given me a new appreciation for songs I had tired of long ago. Tunes like Fools Rush In, and Blue Velvet suddenly sound fresh and dynamic. This film is like candy. Greasy, sexy, garish, dangerous, dirty, candy.

Save the backyard hen!

I'm getting ready to leave town in two days and don't have a whole lot to report. In the meantime this morning's piece about a woman in Carmichael potentially losing her backyard chickens is a major bummer. It also sucks that we have gotten so far away from self-sufficiency and a natural sense of where our food comes from that we would prevent someone from keeping a few laying hens.

In the article the neighbor complains about the chickens cooing when you know there are dogs barking in the neighborhood. I would take a boisterous chicken coo over a dog bark any day and I say that as a dog owner.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Alright this puppy is just gonna go on and on.
The week before Christmas I got to tour the Crocker's expansion. It is awesome! I can't wait until it opens in October, of this year. The lighting conditions in the top floor galleries are absolutely perfect for exhibiting work. A really beautiful and exciting space!

The Four Eyes Christmas show was amazing as usual! This year Kim Jong Il showed up and threatened to kidnap the 4 Eyes and bring them to N. Korea for his own personal amusement. Fortunately he was unsuccessful. Check out Kim's beautifully tailored shirt!

Here's a gratuitous image of a flacid holiday ornament as held by Lil' Becky.

The Crestmas party featured karaoke this year! There was a group rendition of "Do They Know it's Christmas" that I want to believe was fabulously awful considering someone supposedly taped it.

Christmas was teh awezomez.

I scored the world's best shoes.

And made this lovely fritatta. Best homemade frittata to date!
I also scored perhaps the best present I've ever found OMF. 1960s new in the package, broadcloth pajamas made in California. Best of all I found them at Ed's Threads! No ebay required.
The dessert that I brought to my folks place for Christmas Eve dinner was both the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and the nastiest thing I've ever eaten. Like chewing on upholstery foam coated in icing.

Jaime came to town!!!!

New Years Eve was fun.
OMF was evil.
This blurry photo is evidence that Dave Smith was in our house for a about a minute this year.

Finally, last year I came out of the house about three days after New Year's day to discover a balloon in the front yard with $$ taped to it. I've thought about that event all year and vowed to continue the gesture like a chain letter that doesn't suck.

On New Year's night OMF and I released two balloons with scratch attached from the back deck.
We followed it's trajectory to the front yard and watched until we couldn't see a trace of it any longer hoping 2010 will bring good fortune.

fingers crossed...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Obsessed with Novella

My sis bought me "Farm City; the Education of an Urban Farmer" for Christmas and I have not been able to put it down for the past week. Highly recommend!

If you're not about to run off and grab her book based on my two enthusiastic thumbs up you can check out her blog Ghost Town Farm or this great essay on Salon about growing lettuce for the Black Panthers.

Pretty awesome!