Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Long ass day

Saturday was a marathon day beginning in Emeryville with a work drop off and delicious cheap perfect, perfect pizza from Arizmendi. It was raining pretty hard and Arizmendi has about three tables inside so we decided to eat in the van. While we were eating I watched these two hippy dudes come out of the place with a pizza that they planned to enjoy in their vehicle as well. Once they got in their car and closed the door they opened the pizza box and then started slapping the dash and yelling before eating. The pizza really was that damn good. True I wasn't yelling, laughing, and beating on the steering wheel the way they were but then I wasn't hella baked either...

After lunch we headed to Mills for open studios, a perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.
Interspersed amongst the occupied studios were some installation rooms which contained the works of multiple artists some of which was labeled really poorly. As a result, I don't know whose work this is but I really enjoyed it's temporary nature and creative use of materials.

This piece of So's inspired by the above fortune cookie fortune was another fav, although I am biased I know. Can you imagine if everyone made work on this basic premise? It gives me the warm fuzzies just thinking about it.

The little illuminated images you are looking at are of the view out of her dorm window.

Aesthetically pleasing mess on Bobby Lucas' desk.

After Oakland I headed to a guided tour of Phosphene Visions at Axis. The video installation on the two back walls is a great piece if you give it time. Though the show is good there is an awful lot of work in the room so give yourself some deciphering time or maybe do what I did and go twice.

Following that I went to Verge for second Sat and then headed to an "exclusive gathering" - i.e. Record Club presents Blow UP! - on 24th and J. It was very "exclusive" and really, really fun. "Clubhouse 24, an exclusive gathering place," is a great venue but they're gonna have a tough time with the neighborhood which is a drag. The acoustics were good, as was the layout with room for a dance floor and a separate performance area with ample space for each. It could be the next great local venue if Sacramento wasn't such a cranky pain in the ass.
To close with a non-sequitur of sorts the general consensus at the "exclusive gathering" was that this light fixture is made of plastic cups. Very festive.

The end.


Jeff M. said...

It can't be that exclusive -- they let me in!

I forgot to include that "exclusive gathering" bit in my write-up of blow up. I'd meant to. I felt that it didn't quite jive with the venue's more funky, boho vibe. Maybe the owner isn't done remodeling or something.

Nicholas said...

The work in the room that wasn't labled well is Monica Lundy's. She's a seocnd year student at Mills. Her website is www.monicalundy.com Some pretty cool sh*t.