Monday, December 28, 2009

The coolest place in town

Last week myself, lil Becky, and Alex Shrugg went a thriftin' in Yolo county. Our exact whereabouts are a closely guarded secret although I am at liberty to discuss a side trip we made to The Candy House, a.k.a. the coolest place in town as you can see by these fake polaroids.

At The Candy House they'll cast Belgian Chocolate into any shape you desire.

Like monkeys.

St. Nick

A happy bride and groom.

Or dentures.

At the Candy House they're so stoked on casting Belgian chocolate that they'll even cast the candy box in chocolate so that every bit of your purchase is edible. It was magical, like visiting a fairytale cottage in an enchanted wood. After buying OMF a chocolate guitar they plied us with free samples and sent us on our way.

The rest of the day was awesome!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Huzzah the shoe is well!

Jeez! This has been the most taxing week in recent memory and it all came to a head last night forcing me to start my weekend drinking early. It was a hitting 2-buck-chuck straight from the bottle kinda night, but mostly because it was cold open and in my fridge. Not the best thing ever but boy did it feel good going down. Later I made the mistake of chasing it with something considerably better but also of a much higher alcohol content and as a result slept in later than I wanted to this morning.

Now I'm off to behave as though X-mas is actually happening next week and tour the Crocker's new construction this afternoon.

In other news... Long live the shoe!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The old man is stirring up a Crosley controversy. Scandal!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Long ass day

Saturday was a marathon day beginning in Emeryville with a work drop off and delicious cheap perfect, perfect pizza from Arizmendi. It was raining pretty hard and Arizmendi has about three tables inside so we decided to eat in the van. While we were eating I watched these two hippy dudes come out of the place with a pizza that they planned to enjoy in their vehicle as well. Once they got in their car and closed the door they opened the pizza box and then started slapping the dash and yelling before eating. The pizza really was that damn good. True I wasn't yelling, laughing, and beating on the steering wheel the way they were but then I wasn't hella baked either...

After lunch we headed to Mills for open studios, a perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.
Interspersed amongst the occupied studios were some installation rooms which contained the works of multiple artists some of which was labeled really poorly. As a result, I don't know whose work this is but I really enjoyed it's temporary nature and creative use of materials.

This piece of So's inspired by the above fortune cookie fortune was another fav, although I am biased I know. Can you imagine if everyone made work on this basic premise? It gives me the warm fuzzies just thinking about it.

The little illuminated images you are looking at are of the view out of her dorm window.

Aesthetically pleasing mess on Bobby Lucas' desk.

After Oakland I headed to a guided tour of Phosphene Visions at Axis. The video installation on the two back walls is a great piece if you give it time. Though the show is good there is an awful lot of work in the room so give yourself some deciphering time or maybe do what I did and go twice.

Following that I went to Verge for second Sat and then headed to an "exclusive gathering" - i.e. Record Club presents Blow UP! - on 24th and J. It was very "exclusive" and really, really fun. "Clubhouse 24, an exclusive gathering place," is a great venue but they're gonna have a tough time with the neighborhood which is a drag. The acoustics were good, as was the layout with room for a dance floor and a separate performance area with ample space for each. It could be the next great local venue if Sacramento wasn't such a cranky pain in the ass.
To close with a non-sequitur of sorts the general consensus at the "exclusive gathering" was that this light fixture is made of plastic cups. Very festive.

The end.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Davis it was

Yesterday I visited Manuel Rios' studio at UC Davis and like a jerk took no pictures. Hopefully, I will be back out that way in the not too distant future and will think to take a few shots next time. He's employing heavily preserved, hybridized, ethnic foods into his work which I find really exciting and wish I thought of a way to work with food already. Damn you Manuel! Having a dialogue about the work was great. I love studio visits.

This is not to say I took no photos in Davis however.

First there was this guy who begged a photo. Dude had a lot on his hands. Not only was he anti-gay (shocking I know), he was also anti-women touching men period even once married, and informed us that we were all going to hell (all of us, even me).

Many of you may not be aware of the fact that I didn't major in art at UC Davis. I actually got a degree in Darksideology. It's a fairly new major.

We ate lunch at the Hotdogger which I love! On the way to my car afterwards we passed this crepe restaurant with this awesome window display. I want to eat here next time in honor of this fantastic fake food.

At first look I thought this one included a giant scoop of ice cream. When I realized it was potato salad I felt like all had been explained until I thought about it for two seconds and then realized that doesn't make any sense either.


Rare cheesecake.

Finally, arriving home yesterday I noticed that this lone Reebok has been jammed in my neighbor's fence for well over 8mo. I feel like the time has come to start keeping track of it to see how long it sits there before someone does something about it. That someone shan't be me.

The end.