Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trade and Transformation

The Trade and Transformation show up at Tangent Gallery is really good and equally fun to have participated in!

Here's my finished piece. It's hard to tell from this rushed photo but I shot these 9 little pics with my iphone. After much resistance on my part I've decided that the iphone is my new favorite camera. The saturation is swell, it's super portable, and the reproduction quality is great.

When I first got my little cat I took several photos of it with my phone and then proceeded to shoot it in other scenarios, the last being a photo booth at UA Marketsquare. What's funny is that I was doing all this other stuff resisting the images I was getting with my phone because I felt like that wasn't legit even though those were the photos I liked best. In the end I took my cat to UA sat in the photo booth through three photo shoots and in the end I gave up and utilized the booth's blue backdrop to stage photos shot with my phone.

Once again I was that lady, who this time was the one in the theatre lobby photo booth taking pictures of her faux taxidermized cat. Not only was there no curtain for privacy but the booth also had a T.V. that replays your photo shoot to the theatre lobby with catchy little phrases scrolling beneath the screen like "What a face!," "say cheese," and "INSTANT REPLAY." I'm sure things only got more interesting when I resorted to the phone, ditching the main point of the booth entirely. It's interesting that the absurdity of these scenarios usually doesn't occur to me until I'm enacting them. The real gravity of the situation hit me when I entered the theatre and the usher stepped back and assessed me in a we 'got-a-live-one-on-our-hands' sort of way. I guess that's what happens when you walk into a movie theatre with a fake cat tucked under your arm. Fortunately, once you say the word artist everything is usually forgiven.

Back to the show.

Look at my little cat appearing to have been cornered by the group. This photo of the initial trade night is mega crap what with being a photo of a photo shot with an iphone. Despite all that though I love it!

Here are the shots of all the objects in the show pre-transformation. I'm really glad they weren't hung right by each work, especially given how transformed some objects were. In the end I think it was a lot more fun to look at the photo wall in an effort to figure out what was what.

My cat pre-trade.

This is what I gave up. The old man and I picked this up in a thrift store in Minden, NV.

Nat got my piece. When we dropped off work I totally forgot that it had been my owl. Only the feet remain....

So yeah, if you get a chance to get over there this month do it!


Anonymous said...

Thats so interesting, I know what you mean about the Iphone photos, I have been sort of dying to buy this camera called harinezumi, it takes super saturated slightly crappy photos that are in a way supposed to mimic cool old cameras/toy cameras etc. But keep questioning weather its legit enough (or something) but the fact is i don't have a darkroom and I will never get into photoshop.
Anyway.. In the process of looking at these images I have seen some interesting arguements for and against, and some interesting ideas.
thanks for the spot to ramble.
Despite my fear of taxidermy that cat looks fantastic too, If I saw a lady carrying it thru a mall I would in fact freak out however.

Liv Moe said...

Now I'm going to have to google Harinezumi!

Anonymous said...

Do it, cool but pricey

Ann Tracy said...

great article... makes me think I should have blogged about taking Tim out int eh angel wings for that shoot downtown.... and you're right, when you say that you're an artist, everyone seems to think whatever you were doing was OK... LOL