Sunday, November 22, 2009

Livmoe to OMF

Livmoe to OMF: Don't you have 3 copies of that book? Why do we need them all? This is why our house is packed to the gills with shit.

OMF to Livmoe: This coming from the woman who just took a break from house cleaning to accept a mummified squirrel via email.

Livmoe to OMF: Point taken.

We have three full walls of books in our house not including a free standing bookcase here and there+whatever is in storage upstairs. We are those people. The ones who will be found dead one day buried under a mountain of shit that toppled over on us leaving us trapped and starved.

After one full day of bookcase rearranging and housekeeping I came down with wicked dust allergies which has since morphed into a rather unpleasant cold. I got of bed long enough to go the CCAS auction last night and to OMF's show at Old Ironsides. Oh yea and there was a bit of toilet repair in there somewhere too. Now I'm back in bed contemplating more housecleaning. This time when I tackle another book shelf a dust mask will definitely be employed.

This morning OMF went to the market and I stayed in bed defeated by the admission that I in fact have a stupid cold.

Now the old man is grocery shopping which I normally do and rarely with a list.

Making a grocery list was hard and led to playful squabbling and scribbling. We'll see if I end up with the mega pound, bleached refined, doorstop of sugar he likes to buy.

In the meantime I'm laying in bed reading a Martha Stewart book on housekeeping and dreaming of a bathroom sink and entertaining. You know the yooj. As the new year approaches I am vowing to no longer live in a dump no matter how busy my schedule is.

In other domestic news Tuesday night I'll be preparing one of these dudes for out of town relatives. I've been wanting to try a Cache Creek chicken for weeks but they've been sold out every time I've tried until this morning. Success!

While I know this all has been terribly exciting I believe I'll wrap up this transmission here.

Time for a nap.


wburg said...

I'm on your bookshelf! Awesome!

Liv Moe said...

but of course Mr. Burg!

camilynn said...


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