Sunday, November 22, 2009

Livmoe to OMF

Livmoe to OMF: Don't you have 3 copies of that book? Why do we need them all? This is why our house is packed to the gills with shit.

OMF to Livmoe: This coming from the woman who just took a break from house cleaning to accept a mummified squirrel via email.

Livmoe to OMF: Point taken.

We have three full walls of books in our house not including a free standing bookcase here and there+whatever is in storage upstairs. We are those people. The ones who will be found dead one day buried under a mountain of shit that toppled over on us leaving us trapped and starved.

After one full day of bookcase rearranging and housekeeping I came down with wicked dust allergies which has since morphed into a rather unpleasant cold. I got of bed long enough to go the CCAS auction last night and to OMF's show at Old Ironsides. Oh yea and there was a bit of toilet repair in there somewhere too. Now I'm back in bed contemplating more housecleaning. This time when I tackle another book shelf a dust mask will definitely be employed.

This morning OMF went to the market and I stayed in bed defeated by the admission that I in fact have a stupid cold.

Now the old man is grocery shopping which I normally do and rarely with a list.

Making a grocery list was hard and led to playful squabbling and scribbling. We'll see if I end up with the mega pound, bleached refined, doorstop of sugar he likes to buy.

In the meantime I'm laying in bed reading a Martha Stewart book on housekeeping and dreaming of a bathroom sink and entertaining. You know the yooj. As the new year approaches I am vowing to no longer live in a dump no matter how busy my schedule is.

In other domestic news Tuesday night I'll be preparing one of these dudes for out of town relatives. I've been wanting to try a Cache Creek chicken for weeks but they've been sold out every time I've tried until this morning. Success!

While I know this all has been terribly exciting I believe I'll wrap up this transmission here.

Time for a nap.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

R.I.P. Jeanne-Claude

The news of Jeanne-Claude's death made my eyes well up with tears today, a sensation that I don't think I've ever expressed so immediately over a public figure and artist who I never actually knew. Though she was older and enjoyed a long, full career, the thought that one half of a tremendously inspiring art team has passed is just heartbreaking to me. There are certain figures in life whose mere existence and pursuit make you happy that they're alive. The work of Jeanne-Claude and Christo definitely fit that category.

Valley curtain, xto j-c, 1974

This past summer I was impressed and charmed to discover that Doug Biggert was present for the install of both Valley Curtain and Running Fence. Impressed because it seems like every time you turn around there's someone else that Biggert's worked or been friends with. Charmed because I've only come to discover these associations through finding photographs of these people in Doug's collection. Lisa and I dug up images of Jeanne-Claude and Christo the same week as Chris Burden and Phyllis Lutjeans. Of Running Fence and Valley Curtain he assisted on one and documented the other. After the project was over Biggert held onto his pay check from Jeanne-Claude and Christo for as long as possible because it not only bore their signatures but it also featured an image of the project which he helped complete. Sadly, the need for do re mi eventually won out.

I'm sure I'm probably rambling about all this. It's been a long week...

In closing this quote from the NY Times obit was really lovely;

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trade and Transformation

The Trade and Transformation show up at Tangent Gallery is really good and equally fun to have participated in!

Here's my finished piece. It's hard to tell from this rushed photo but I shot these 9 little pics with my iphone. After much resistance on my part I've decided that the iphone is my new favorite camera. The saturation is swell, it's super portable, and the reproduction quality is great.

When I first got my little cat I took several photos of it with my phone and then proceeded to shoot it in other scenarios, the last being a photo booth at UA Marketsquare. What's funny is that I was doing all this other stuff resisting the images I was getting with my phone because I felt like that wasn't legit even though those were the photos I liked best. In the end I took my cat to UA sat in the photo booth through three photo shoots and in the end I gave up and utilized the booth's blue backdrop to stage photos shot with my phone.

Once again I was that lady, who this time was the one in the theatre lobby photo booth taking pictures of her faux taxidermized cat. Not only was there no curtain for privacy but the booth also had a T.V. that replays your photo shoot to the theatre lobby with catchy little phrases scrolling beneath the screen like "What a face!," "say cheese," and "INSTANT REPLAY." I'm sure things only got more interesting when I resorted to the phone, ditching the main point of the booth entirely. It's interesting that the absurdity of these scenarios usually doesn't occur to me until I'm enacting them. The real gravity of the situation hit me when I entered the theatre and the usher stepped back and assessed me in a we 'got-a-live-one-on-our-hands' sort of way. I guess that's what happens when you walk into a movie theatre with a fake cat tucked under your arm. Fortunately, once you say the word artist everything is usually forgiven.

Back to the show.

Look at my little cat appearing to have been cornered by the group. This photo of the initial trade night is mega crap what with being a photo of a photo shot with an iphone. Despite all that though I love it!

Here are the shots of all the objects in the show pre-transformation. I'm really glad they weren't hung right by each work, especially given how transformed some objects were. In the end I think it was a lot more fun to look at the photo wall in an effort to figure out what was what.

My cat pre-trade.

This is what I gave up. The old man and I picked this up in a thrift store in Minden, NV.

Nat got my piece. When we dropped off work I totally forgot that it had been my owl. Only the feet remain....

So yeah, if you get a chance to get over there this month do it!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Come to the Party!

Dancers will be dancing, The Magic Window will be opening, there'll be food, and drink and fun for kids. We are also hosting a canned food and toy drive through the duration of the show so bring an unwrapped toy or food item to share.

This all kicks off tomorrow night, Thursday, November 12 from 5-10pm. Did I mention free? Don't miss it!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A night of firsts

This morning I wondered if one can retro-actively place something on their "bucket list." If so then the goat penis soup I sampled Saturday would be in there. I'm not sure if it counts, however, if the item isn't something you would put on your "bucket list" pre-consumption.

That said last Saturday night was a night of firsts for the Foster/Moe's. First for me with dinner which granted me the ability to attest to what kangaroo tastes like in addition to the gp soup. I would add venison, wild boar, alligator, and goat to the list although I've had those things before so it doesn't count although taken altogether my dinner was quite the Vietnamese safari of flavors.

Birthday boy Julien (pictured in red) enjoying what I believe might have been his 2nd or 3rd bowl of special birthday soup.

Mr. Plank liked it too. I gotta say, I personally didn't find the goat penis soup all that exciting and I'm not just saying that because there was a lot of goat penis in it. It was pretty bland and not something that would cause me to weigh the ick factor of eating goat dick against the desire for the soup itself. The rest of the meal was great, although kangaroo is something I could probably take or leave. To my palate it was like eating beef that tastes like butter which sounds better than it actually was. Now the wild boar and catfish on the other hand....delicious!

After dinner we stopped by to pick up our friend Janona and I witnessed one of the most beautiful apartments ever! Following that we headed to the Bordello.

The show started out okay. The interior of the place is great and there was a big crowd.

Half-way through the first song of the set Tim walked out into the audience and disappeared. Poof!

And the band played on... nervously.

And on.... and I started getting worried wondering if Tim was sick, or getting beat up or god knows what. Rod started making announcements from the stage inquiring as to his location. Finally, after repeating the same chords over and over waiting for Tim to come back the rest of the guys stopped playing and the words "free Tim" started to mumble through the audience.

Apparently, the old man got thrown out. The long lull was the result of the promoters and a friend pleading with security to let Tim back in. After long negotiations they conceded with the caveat that he not leave the stage again during the rest of the set which he stuck to.... mostly.

Surprisingly, for all The Troublemakers antics, Tim has never been thrown out of a club during the set. I believe they have not been invited back to play certain places but never kicked out and certainly not during the performance. Charming.

Sunday was spent driving back ruing the multiple beers I had the night before whilst marveling at a lovely evening.

In conclusion I invite you to behold what is perhaps the most loathsome calendar in all creation.