Saturday, October 24, 2009

The view from London: Drinking

Whilst in Londontown I enjoyed a drink or twos or fews.

Like this refreshing Pimm's cup.

And Oxford Gold Ale one of my favorites of the trip.

Let us not forget Jacques! Or BJ for Brits according to Lisa.

These guys were tasty... I believe we had them the same night as a lovely crisp Champagne that Skipper brought over from Berlin to celebrate Davide and Karin's pending nuptials.

See, smell, taste!

Afternoon break at The Globe pub a little spot near Covent Garden which has been visited by many, many celebs such as... Hillary Clinton.

Finally, Golden Glory. Yum!


skpür said...

where's the grogg that we were forced to drink at the Clink whilst in stocks?

Liv Moe said...

they wouldn't allow us photos remember....

Anonymous said...

I kept meaning to buy the Jacques when we were in the UK, but brew kept distracting.


Liv Moe said...

You weren't missing much. I feel like it might be the Boone's farm of the UK. It was so sweet, and really high alcohol. I don't think we even finished the bottle. It was really fun to say though.

Pardon me.... would you care for some.... Jacques!!!!!?????

Liv Moe said...

huh, i take back the high alcohol part, i guess it's only 5.5... i swore it was higher. damn you jacques!

Anonymous said...

OK all the reasons I kept putting Jaques off were all valid.

But the bottle is so peppy.