Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finished with fairs

I'm finished with fairs!!! With this delight comes a desire to decompress and not think about the non-stop art barrage I've taken in just yet. Too much to consume. I will, however, share various musings that I've found this evening that hit the target pretty well so far.

First there's Paddy's comments at AFC which have given me one of many hearty laughs today.

Then this wonderful piece from today's New York Times, discussing a Frieze project booth by Stephanie Syjuco. Syjuco's “Copystand: An Autonomous Manufacturing Zone,” was one of my absolutely favorite things in the fair. Over the course of my two visits I delighted in watching the contributions change and grow with some recent works going home with collectors while new ones were being constructed throughout the day. Very smart, site specific work!

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