Friday, September 11, 2009

Talking hair with Jeffrey

I was on Insight today with Jeffrey Callison discussing this weekend's upcoming studio tour. Alas, I forgot to ask Mr. Callison about the origins of that accent. You know the one OMF loves to imitate and does a surprisingly good job of I might add?

Perhaps I'll start concluding all future blog posts with non-sequiturs. If so than I'll end with loving the Savoy like a brother not a cousin... drive, drive, drive... while driving the world's dreamiest car around town today I happened upon an oldish hippy style gentleman with his sweaty, sweaty hair pulled into a loose bun atop his head taking a long pee on the side of Ace Hardware in the middle of the afternoon.... I later found said hippy-ish gent in the store inviting shoppers to his party later this evening... I was not asked and I'm not taking it personally.... life's rich pageant I tell ya.


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Liv Moe said...

Ew, I was gonna guess Ireland and then I would have been mistaken.