Monday, September 28, 2009

My most Woody Allen

This past weekend I had one of those this-is-what-people-think-when-they-think-art-world moments.

It was the tale end of the Eat Your Art Out fundraiser to benefit SMAC and my group was snacking at Mulvaney's. As we noshed on tasty homemade mozzarella and sipped delicious champagne, pasta genius Dave Brochier stretched cheese curds into shape while modern dancers twirled around our tables. The walls were white with tasteful black and white photographs on the wall, the dancers were wearing all black. In short it was a perfect storm of surreality.

My warm late afternoon buzz led me to reflect on what a unique experience I was having and I amusedly thought, tomorrow when I sober up if someone told me this didn't happen I might believe you and think I was dreaming.

The other thing I often think about in situations such as these is what they must seem like to the uninitiated observer. For instance I would have paid good money to see my old landlord interact with that scene or my dad for that matter. I felt like I just walked into a scene from New York Stories or After Hours.

Perhaps these musings make me seem churlish which is fair although to be clear these musings are not a criticism but more of an observation. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well as EYAO overall. Like way enjoyed it, but sometimes the arty-ness of the art world cannot be denied.

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It is pathetic that there are people never looking at this blog. Congrats