Monday, September 28, 2009

My most Woody Allen

This past weekend I had one of those this-is-what-people-think-when-they-think-art-world moments.

It was the tale end of the Eat Your Art Out fundraiser to benefit SMAC and my group was snacking at Mulvaney's. As we noshed on tasty homemade mozzarella and sipped delicious champagne, pasta genius Dave Brochier stretched cheese curds into shape while modern dancers twirled around our tables. The walls were white with tasteful black and white photographs on the wall, the dancers were wearing all black. In short it was a perfect storm of surreality.

My warm late afternoon buzz led me to reflect on what a unique experience I was having and I amusedly thought, tomorrow when I sober up if someone told me this didn't happen I might believe you and think I was dreaming.

The other thing I often think about in situations such as these is what they must seem like to the uninitiated observer. For instance I would have paid good money to see my old landlord interact with that scene or my dad for that matter. I felt like I just walked into a scene from New York Stories or After Hours.

Perhaps these musings make me seem churlish which is fair although to be clear these musings are not a criticism but more of an observation. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well as EYAO overall. Like way enjoyed it, but sometimes the arty-ness of the art world cannot be denied.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm tryin', really I am...

...but I have been in survival mode lately. The wicked-break-neck pace I've been maintaining these past months/years is finally catching up with me.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I ain't doing shit, I'm just not writing about it as much. Working a full time job, keeping an art career rotating, doing all manner of volunteer work, and trying to keep my house from falling down all while co-owning a monthly magazine has zapped my juice. This my friends is the hairy reality of a working artist. Contrary to popular belief it ain't all self indulgence, shmoozing, receptions, and magical cat figurines. 

Or is it...

Last week I fell in love. I signed up for the upcoming Trade and Transformation show at Tangent and wound up with this bundle of joy. I absolutely cannot stop touching it although I have promised my co-workers that I'll stop walking around the gallery petting and nuzzling it... eventually.

This past Monday was thee historic re-lighting of thee historic Crest Theatre. 

It was beautiful and inspiring and the food and liquors were quite good. 

Earlier in the day I installed my work at the CSUS Witt Gallery the card for which is below. I had awful allergies during install, which was poor. I'm better now.

Tomorrow night I'm partying with Muggs. What?!? 

Then it's Eat Your Art Out, a friends wedding party.... rest.... and then SoCal road trip with S. Nice Esq.

In conclusion, I find this intriguing. Do you?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The details

I'm in a show right now! It's at the CSUS Witt Gallery and the details are below. I'll have postcards available at the Verge for anyone who wants to brave the Sac State parking lots for the reception. Placing the card on your dash will get you free parking.

To avoid confusion the show is called Artists on the Verge which is a different "Verge" than the Verge Gallery and Studio Complex "Verge." So if you would like said parking permit you would see me at work at the Verge Gallery "Verge" not the Verge us artists are on. Confused yet? Excellent!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Women On Nature, panel discussion at Verge!

Land, Lindsey White, C Print, 2008

Don't miss tomorrow (Thursday) night's Women On Nature panel discussion featuring artists Lindsey White, Sunaura Taylor, Renee Delores and Sara Bright at the Verge. The discussion starts at 7pm and will be moderated by curator Emily Prince. It will be fabulous!

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's my birthday!

Accomplished so far: two iced coffees, yummy rasberry muffin, laid in bed 'til noon, partied with my dog.

Still to come: Lalo's tacos, maybe thrift store shopping, shirking my responsibilities i.e. going to the DMV to get my license renewed.

Looking for: birthday dinner suggestions, considering One Speed or Ravenous. 


Friday, September 11, 2009

Talking hair with Jeffrey

I was on Insight today with Jeffrey Callison discussing this weekend's upcoming studio tour. Alas, I forgot to ask Mr. Callison about the origins of that accent. You know the one OMF loves to imitate and does a surprisingly good job of I might add?

Perhaps I'll start concluding all future blog posts with non-sequiturs. If so than I'll end with loving the Savoy like a brother not a cousin... drive, drive, drive... while driving the world's dreamiest car around town today I happened upon an oldish hippy style gentleman with his sweaty, sweaty hair pulled into a loose bun atop his head taking a long pee on the side of Ace Hardware in the middle of the afternoon.... I later found said hippy-ish gent in the store inviting shoppers to his party later this evening... I was not asked and I'm not taking it personally.... life's rich pageant I tell ya.