Monday, August 31, 2009

Incohesive post

I have to admit I'm not feeling as blogtacular as I normally do. Currently, I'm on a don't-have-a-helluva-lot-to-say kinda mode. Although it might be more of an ever-since-I-got-back-from-vacation-I-can't-focus-for-shit-and-there's-good-stuff-in-my-brain-I-can't-seem-to-get-to kinda deal.

There's been work stuff going on both exciting and medium exciting but who wants to hear someone talk about work right? With that said, in no particular order here are some random musings from recent weeks:

I noticed on Heckasac today that there was some disappointment about lukewarm attendance at the recent Ancient Sons show. Not to simply reiterate the sentiments suggested by others on a neighboring blog but Chris, if you're out there reading this... I wouldn't take the low attendance personally. I say this because for the last two days I've been non-stop rocking thee new Makeout Party cassingle and King Tuff both of which I purchased at thee under-attended Makeout Party show at Luigi's recently. In listening to these two albums over the weekend I keep thinking, man Sac missed out on some stellar live music and djing and most folks who missed it would cop to that fact. In short never let one show be your guide, shit happens.

Speaking of shit happening, I was a little foggy at the show because a. there was the obvious beer factor and b. I didn't know it at the time but I had pulled my back out earlier that day while shaving the dog. To repeat, I pulled my back out while shaving the dog. I'm sure there are lamer ways to injure one's back but that feels pretty dorky to me. Following Thee Makeout Party show I barely got out of bed for a day and a half and stunk like analgesic balm. At the time I thought it was those concrete floors that were the culprit but I should have known something was up when I could barely stand up straight by the time we left. Although, I suppose that's where the beer came in.

Saturday night the Verge was featured on the KVIE art auction and I made an appearance as our designated "art expert." I got to meet Kermit and I used the word sexy in reference to a piece of work. I feel great shame about one of those last two statements.... I'll let the reader decide which one.

Today I spent a bunch of time cleaning my studio and actually found a piece that I don't remember making from about five years ago. I'm not sure if that's a milestone or not and if it is whether that's good or bad. I also found the receipt from the day I entered the State Fair's Fine Art competition from the year I took top honors. It's seems strange to me that I could have moved studios four time since then and still be discovering stuff. I don't want to think about what that means, although it might mean that I am el puerco, which I already knew.

I went wine tasting yesterday which was cool. Am I boring anyone yet?

Now for super non-sequitur time...

When you google image search the words "incohesive post" this shot of the Ganglians is the third thing that pops up... no lie.... Corti's homemade salad dressing is like crack cocaine, I could do shots of it straight and eat it on almost anything... pink pearl apples are beautiful freak fruit but tart as hell... I wonder what Dave Smith and Skipper are doing RIGHT NOW while simultaneously wondering how long OMF's fascination with Phillip Garrido will last... really annoyed about what ignorant shitballs all over the country are saying about Obama's death panel, seriously people even if he was that evil he's in his first term, call me crazy but it seems to me that a death panel would really kill one's shot at reelection... pardon the pun... stoked that the pool installation at PS1 will still be up when I visit in January and that I will be able to catch The Americans in LA later this month before it's gone.... speaking of gone...


Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's all about the ass!

Check out this "educational" video about Rio narrated by the governator or gropenfuhrer as the case may be. Make sure you watch it through the english lesson at the end. The man's a class act.

Thanks JSB

Monday, August 17, 2009

Toothy McDumbbell

I'm back! And a touch annoyed. I actually almost blogged about the following topic while I was away, although, before departing on my trip I made a vow to myself to do as little work as possible so as to relax.

The source of my irritation came in the form of the Bee's comment section which should come as little surprise seeing as how the Bee's comment section can be pretty dang annoying. Here's my specific beef....

Last week the Bee reported on my friend and colleague Kim Curry-Evans's decision to step down from her post both as director of 40 Acres Gallery as well as from the mayor's recently formed art panel. This information in itself was dismaying given that I have great respect for Kim and the contribution she has made to our local art community. I also know that she relocated from Arizona to take her position with 40 Acres so it will be hard to know whether or not she will stay in Sac.

After reading the Bee's coverage of this news item I began following the comments on the story and that's when I got pissed. Of the 140+ comments on the article close to %80 of the negative comments were written by folks who admit to not knowing Kim or being unfamiliar with her gallery. Surprisingly, that didn't stop many of them from criticizing her both personally and professionally going so far as to speculate on her sexual orientation in some cases.

It blows my mind that the Bee publishes these comments. While riding in the car together for untold hours the Ol' Man and I discussed this issue at some length and determined the following about the Bee's comment section:

A. In an informal way the comments function as letters to the editor which could be okay except(!)....

B. Unlike letters to the editor which feature the name of the author these comments are written anonymously. As we all know from reading blogs the ability to post anon brings out the worst in people.

C. The Bee's disclaimer at the top of the comments section suggests that a moderator weeds out offensive comments for hate speech etc, however, I noticed several that shouldn't have made it past this moderation including one where the mayor was referenced as "Toothy McDumbell." There is, however, a feature where one can go in and flag comments for the types of things the Bee claims to moderate. Is the moderation they speak of supposed to come in the form of reader objections? Are these comments now self-legislated?

D. Furthermore in the moderation of these comments - if they are in fact moderated - why aren't those which admit to a lack of familiarity with the subject deleted? What relevance does a comment made by someone unaware of the article's subject have? In that regard the Bee is simply publishing a warrantless insult.

E. I've seen these insensitive comments follow both upbeat and serious articles alike. A few years ago I read a piece about a guy who collects picture frames which I found pretty interesting and the comments that followed critiqued the man's sanity in a pretty cruel manner. Sadly, the link to that article has expired.

While I have complained about the Bee's comments before this is the first time I've seen someone I know talked about in this way. It goes without saying that these comments are undeserved and I have to say that the result of comments like these would make one reluctant to receive press from the ol' Bee.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm so outta here!!!

Tomorrow the Ol' Man and I pull stakes and get the heck outta Dodge for the next 10 days or so. In the meantime I probably won't be blogging unless something really crazy happens in Bonneville. Even then... eh.

In the meantime I leave you with a little something that I've now seen 3 times and will probably watch again right now!

Don't be a Neden Hole! Watch it ninjas!!!!


Last weekend we said so long to Dave and Skipper with one going to Korea and tuther to Germany. As promised the farewells were kissed with a slug of moonshine.

The shine was pretty good as moonshine goes. Smooth drinking 'til you get it down and then there's the burn.

With smiles.

And Lil' Red.


And little Muggs Moonshine.

P-pile moonshine.

And more smiles.

Moe moonshine.

And finally, The Archbishop!

A fitting end to the best sittin' porch in Sacto.

I'm gonna miss you crazy guys!