Thursday, July 30, 2009

More(!) morning radness!!!

Joseph Beuys performing German New Wave... in a word WOW!!!!! It almost goes without saying that this morning's morning radness would come from Der Skipper.

Skipper pretty well expresses my thoughts on the video, "I think it'd be a rare person to be able to politically protest in a more clever or dottier manner through German New Wave."

This is beyond great and I will doubtlessly be thinking about it all day. Maybe Skippo will give me the gist of the lyrics, German translator that his is...

Thanks Skippo!


der Skipper said...

First the title's a pretty cute play on words because the word for rain is "Regen", which is homonymic with Reagan, so they keep repeating "we want the sun not Reagan (rain)."

It was also contemporarily relevant because Reagan was building up and moving Pershing missiles along and around the East German border in 1982, which is actually what my dad was doing when we were stationed there.

The song pretty much reflects the sentiment of a lot of Germans including Beuys at the time that he was war-mongering and inciting unrest with the Eastern Bloc along with other places in the Middle East and Nicaragua and that he should take his cavalier Russian-hating and rockets home.

Too much wordplay and tongue-in-cheek comments would lose their sense in translation. I only managed the first verse well:

From the country that's killing itself
And dictates how we should live
Here come Reagan who brings weapons and death
When someone speaks of peace, he only sees red

Liv Moe said...

Thanks Skippo!!!!