Monday, July 20, 2009

Coyote pretty ruled the rage!

Here it is in living color(!), my brief overview of the rage minus the Bernardo, Bloody Mary, Babs chapter.Untold Sacramentos were drank beginning at the Merc. Then at Whiskey Wild which I will from here on refer to as Coyote Pretty.
Communal brew was had because ladies like to share, there were popsicles - a word which I was too drunk to articulate, and amazingly underwhelming nachos at Los Jarritos i.e. truck stop pump cheese and chips.  
My new boyfriend at the Pocket Club bought Gballs and Jana drinks. Butterscotch schnapps tastes a little like liquid pudding which isn't really what you want after riding a bike around in 104 degree heat.

What you want is a delicious Sacramento. This beautiful combination was a mere $2.75 at the old Pocket. Too sweet!

In summation, lady porn, pool, hippie fort ladies rule!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the butterscotch schnapps!


Anonymous said...

you're welcome!

-old man

Anonymous said...

We really did pretty up that bar.

Anonymous said...

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