Friday, June 5, 2009

What a week!

Got word the very sad news that India Cloud was missing and finally finished my residency application after multiple retools.

Did my favorite thing in the whole world(!) distributed the magazine. Wucka, wucka. Then had delicious $1 sushi and saw Personal and Pizzas. Brilliant

Kept the growing bum camp at bay while working at the Verge, called the cops twice and cleaned up a buncha broken beer bottles which were a result of an altercation they got in on the sidewalk out front. Tried to contact the railroad who owns the property behind the building to no avail. Before leaving work noticed that one of our campers had fashioned a shiv out of a broken aluminum fishing pole. ug

Got home and made the grossest dinner I've concocted in some time using mong toi spinach. The shit actually triggered a gag reflex in the back of my throat leaving me nauseous long after dinner was over. Slimey, slimey, slimey.

Night time greeted us with a fantastic thunderstorm which eroded my irritation with myself for making a crappy dinner. boom

Read a gang of art theory, lap swam, got word of the stupid Rob, Arnie and Dawn show debacle. After reading the insensitive remarks these morons made I sprung into action making multiple phone calls and sending emails with fantastic results. It seems like the last few causes I've pursued haven't really amount to much so I was delighted by the overwhelming response I received from 98 Rock advertisers telling me that they decided to pull all their advertising as a result of the outcry from the public about the program. Kudos to Carl's Jr., Chipotle, Guitar Center, Sonic, Snapple, and McDonald's for doing the right thing!

Got home from dinner with friends to the great news that India was spotted in San Francisco. Fingers crossed


Phew, what a week!


sarahb said...

thank you.
thank you.
thank you.

due to this whole debacle i found your blog, which is ironic because now i've run into you online!

i also wrote letters. it is so nice to know that the community made a difference on this one...
bofa pulled their ads as well.
looking forward to running into you again!

Liv Moe said...