Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tonight they burned the man

Rather make that this afternoon at 4pm they burned the man.

Apparently, last night shit got crazy at the El Cortez, the fuzz were called and the art party got busted. Those of us over at the Townhouse were unaware of these doings, and didn't hear anything of it 'til the next morning. In fact I think I had actually thrown in the towel by about 11pm last night and headed to the Circus, Circus shuttle with DB and Skipper long before the shit hit the fan at the Cortez.

I was pretty surprised by the anti-climatic end the whole affair came to considering the heady events we experienced these past few days. Either way my plan was to hit it first thing this morning so I could be back for father's day. On the drive back I ruminated on my feelings in regard to the whole shebang, something I'll have to chew on further at a later date after at least one full night's sleep has been had. I will say though that the heavy burning man vibe wore me out after awhile - even though I was expecting it - as did the overall lack of organization. I know this is supposed to be a free form deal but the public still needs to know when to show up. Also, it seemed that the event tended toward the evening which, had I known that I would have spent more time out and about during the day. That's all neither here nor there though anymore.

On a positive note I did meet some really great folks some of which I hope to stay in contact with post NDM and gained more install experience which is always a good thing not to mention just getting my work shown out of Sac. The rooms were great for installing work in too and provided me with the perfect backdrop. I took a load of pictures of my install throughout the weekend. As Mike Farrell would say "I'm doing things yo, doing things!"

In closing I give you the disembodied neon fetus that I closed each night and opened each morning with.

Good night.


Ann Tracy's said...

Hi Liv.... I heard about the craziness on Sun when we went to de-install the installation... I know what you mean about the burning man feeling, but I think you get more folks over at the El Cortez and I was able to sell some work... and got some good feedback... will be interesting to see if there are more restrictions for next year because of the incident...

Liv Moe said...

agreed, the NY Times article was splendid as well. totally worth the price of admission. really i think with better promotion the townhouse could kick as much attendance ass as the cortez.

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