Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tasty as all get out

Next week I'll be venturing to Reno for Nada Dada a DIY art explosion happening in a pair motels on Arlington Street. Though I am looking forward to the trip I have no idea what to expect. The whole build your own art scene can be a dangerous prospect, especially giving burning man's growing influence on the west coast art community. Blech.

In fairness, BM (funny, shares initials with a certain other movement if you know what I mean) rears its head all over the place these days as more high art fairs and establishments give it a stodgy twirl. We shall see what we shall see. Either way I'm happy to be branching out and meeting new artists.

One thing I can be sure of on this voyage, however, is a delicious trip to Taco Johns for some yummy "west mex". Growing up Taco Time was one of my favorite restaurants and TJ's is the next best thing this side of SLC. In fact some years ago me, Muggs, Skipper, and G Bomb took the American Coach all the way to Reno just for some tasty Taco Johns.

Granted I can only stomach their fare about once a year. I think the last time I ate there was when the Old Man and I attended the west coast Crosley meet in Minden, NV which has been about two years ago meaning I'm seriously starving for some potato oles!

Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, potato oles with nacho cheez sauce. It has been too damn long!


Ann Tracy's said...

Potato Ole??? I've been deprived!! in addition to being depraved... you'll have to tell me where to find them up in Reno... see you up there!

deeann said...

I really miss Taco Johns (and Taco Time!). I'd ask if you could bring me back some Taco Johns but that would get nasty so have some for me!