Friday, June 19, 2009

Reno it is

Oh goodness Reno. Apparently the NY Times is here which is something I can't totally wrap my brain around although after yesterday's introduction to NADA DADA I can attest that there is certainly plenty going on...

When we pulled into the Townhouse Motor Lodge yesterday afternoon it looked like almost nothing was happening so we checked in and beat feet for Taco John's.

Taco burger. mmmmm

Potato Oles. double mmmmmm

Pack of topless tweekers, skittering around Taco John's looking for panhandling "gas money" not-so mmmmm.

After leaving TJ's I went to the nearest Salvation Army in search of replacement bedding for my room to replace the generic late nineties hotel bedspread the suite came with. I also got a sheet to make a sign out of announcing my room to the masses.

When we got back to the room the Mayor of NADA DADA gave a speech which was well received and semi well attended.

Patty Melt the woman capturing the mayor's image in the foreground once swam with Lyndon Johnson in the pool that used to exist under the freshly laid sod under her feet.

The LA Mudpeople showed up during the speech which was cool. I've been wanting to check them out. At the risk of sounding super un-PC I'm a little confused by the rascal being employed by one of the MPs. The rascal kind of blows their cover as a mysterious indigenous tribe of unknown origins unfettered by modern civilization.

While the mayor was speeching and the Mud People were Mud Peopling a belligerent Renoan arrived and demand that the NADA DADA mayor refrain from representing himself as a mayor. The Renoan got really angry and after lots of yelling said he was going in search of the fuzz, that's him the crosswalk. Good luck.

Once the afternoon's festivities wrapped I set to work installing the room.

Ah the "blank" slate. I've decided to keep the bed, a decision I hope I don't regret.

After a few hours hanging arranging and sweating it was dinner at the cute Vietnamese restaurant in the Cortez, coconut M&Ms, High Life, and sleep.

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