Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A level, a comb, and one Eurasian Sea Captain

Having never installed work in a hotel room before the following is the list of things I'm suspecting I will need:

Nails, screws, anchors
Screw gun
A level
Ice Chest
7 digital prints
7 wig pieces
Hair Chair
Comb for hair chair
Hair cutting scissors
Plastic trash bags
Extra lights
One Eurasian Sea Captain
Bathing suit

Recently, my friend Natalie wrote with an insiders list of shit to do in the biggest little city in the world. In addition to her great suggestions I think I may also need a fast loop through Circus Circus and this may just be the trip where I finally try the .99 ham and egg breakfast at Cal Neva. I will be there for three days after all. Who can say? Reno will be my oyster!

In conclusion compiling the above list led me to google image search Eurasian Sea Captains. Enjoy...


Liv Moe said...

Potato oles!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

ride the circus circus tram if you can. it is a bit surreal.

we'll be up there this weekend and will for sure stop by! buena suerte


Liv Moe said...


Anonymous said...

Have fun! Do you need plaster to cover the holes in the wall when the art comes down.

I have the Eurasian Sea Captain's deck shoes, I hope you aren't planning a voyage before he gets them.


beckler said...

get breakfast at Peg's Glorified Ham and Eggs, and hippy food at Pneumatic Diner.

Ol' Man Foster said...

did i mention that i love my wife?

Liv Moe said...


Anonymous said...

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